Michelle Obama Battles Ellen DeGeneres in Push-Up Contest

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First Lady Michelle Obama talks the talk and walks the walk.

When the 48-year-old campaigns for the importance of health and physical fitness, she leads by example, as she proved today on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in L.A.

Michelle Obama accepted a bold challenge by DeGeneres to see who could do the most push-ups, with both women flinging off their dress coats on the spot.

Who won? Watch the video here and see!

“How many was that for her?” asked DeGeneres after tapping out early (but by no means embarrassingly early) and both women had finished. “Twenty five?”

“I just stopped,” said the smiling First Lady.

Sorry Ellen. On the bright side, you hung in there for a while, and there's no way Jay Leno (whose show Michelle visited Tuesday) could do even one.


hahaha....gtf outta here. You would.


Romney spoke great tonight. sounds like we have someone who actually cares about the citizens of our country. ROMNEY 2012


wonderful ellen...what a terrific, simple idea to bring a smile to so many faces. xo


Well Hell.... Now that's taken care of I can go out and put a new Caddy on Lay away / get me one with spinners- GTF out of here!


Well, he's done a much better job than most thought he would: U.S. stocks rose sharply Friday after government experts reported strong job growth and a drop in the unemployment rate. The Labor Department said the economy had a net gain of 243,000 jobs, while the unemployment rate fell two-tenths of a percent to 8.3 percent. It is the fifth month in a row that the jobless rate has declined, and the strongest job gains since last April. The benchmark Dow Jones Industrial Average hit its highest level since 2008, and oil prices rose on speculation that an improving economy would boost energy demand and prices. High unemployment has made the economy the top issue in this year's presidential election race. U.S. President Barack Obama said the economy is getting stronger, but too many Americans are still out of work. He urged Congress to take action to continue a cut in the payroll tax that he says will help further job growth.


If only for a few minutes, Michelle was able to relax as a woman without losing herself as The First Lady. Michelle Rocks!!


love this michelle obama is awesome i love the pusups so wonderful


michelle obama is awesome lovve this


This Country has never been more divided. 30-40% of this Country has absolutely no faith in Obama. For someone who can come across as well spoken - he has no people skills. He does not have the inner power to find a way to bring people together. Weak minded people over estimated what the Government can do from them- They underestimate what individuals give as in volunteering. If Obama wins again- The working stiffs- Waitress's - Department store clerks- etc. these people will feel it big time! - People will not contribute like they do now! This much I'm certain.


I think Michelle Obama is such a wonderful woman with an amazing family! Unlike some of your past presidents (I'm a Canuck :), it seems unfathomable that Barack is corrupt or dishonest...despite some missteps, I think he's done an amazing job!! Michelle seems like such a genuine and sweet woman too...
I hope you guys get 4 more years of his brilliance!

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