Michael Vick, Kris Humphries, Tiger Woods Lead List of Most Hated Athletes

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America can be forgiving for many things, but Michael Vick still has a ways to go. He remains the most hated athlete in America, according to a Forbes poll.

Vick clocked in with an usually high awareness rate of 42 percent, meaning he’s well-known in America even among non-NFL fans ... but not in a good way.

“His awareness is up there with Peyton Manning, but a lot of it is people knowing him for the wrong reasons,” said Stephen Master, VP of Sports for Nielsen.

Top Dog!

Other notable names toward the top of the most-disliked list include Kris Humphries (Kim would totally be #1) Tiger Woods, Alex Rodriguez and Kurt Busch.

Mark McGwire, Randy Moss, Manny Ramirez and Ben Roethlisberger fell out of the dubious top 10, even if there was no major image rehab in any case.

One shocking 180 was that of the Detroit Lions’ Ndamukong Suh, who went from one of the NFL’s best-liked players to one of its worse in a matter of months.

Suh’s reputation took a beating after a highly public stomping of a Green Bay Packer on national TV on Thankgiving. It's no animal cruelty, but that'll do it.

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I can understand hating someone who supports dog fights, totally wrong. But why do people hate someone who has committed adultery. Why is that anyone business. Does it hurt you? Did they fool around on you? 90 % of athletes commit adultery and everyone loves them and they all make million a year. When Tiger Woods is golfing he is the one everyone goes to see and the one everyone watches on TV. As far as being one of the most hated athletes what a crock of you know what. Maybe you all should watch golf and listen to the cheers when Tiger steps up to the tee box or when hie make a great shot. I thinks all you people should get a life and stick to hating your ex's or rapists, or child molesters or mother in-laws or people that support dog fighting


The difference in me and them? I'll have a job after I'm
35- no child support and can verify my taxes.


you guy can hate them all you want, get a life people. They are living better than you




I'm glad everyone hates Vick. Dog killer. I wanted his life to be ruined forever, not back making millions. Too funny, I was wondering where Kyle Busch was when I saw Kurt. He's like a preteen girl.


What about Kyle Busch.
Kurt was an idiot early in his career but melowed out but Kyle
should be right under Vick and Woods.


definitely vick and woods. why people think these pathetic losers are worth paying such a high salary is beyond me. just dredges to society.


why would people hate kris humphries? it is insane, the guy did nothing wrong. he was choosen as a prop for marriage to someone looking to make a ton of money. they used him and the only thing he is guilty of is being inexperianced and naive. he hasnt done or said anything about those (low life) people. he now knows it was all for tv. and he wants to get anullment, so he can speak the truth about marriage. has been offered money (reported on several sites) and says he doesnt want money only to be able to show he was used. so people hate him because a woman who got famous doing sex tape, hates him? some people are just stupid...


Obviously they forgot Tebow.


I don't understand the hate for Humphries. My guess this is paid for propaganda from the Kuntrashians.