Michael Lohan Applies For Job at Burger King

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Michael Lohan has been ordered to get a job ... and he's willing to do almost anything.

Lindsay Lohan's dad initially applied to Burger King (seriously) but has decided to pass on the gig ... because instead, he's accepted a job at a radio station.

Why, you ask? The treatment center where Lohan is seeking court-ordered counseling told MiLo to get a job to help transition back into functioning society.

He was ordered to complete treatment as part of his plea deal in his domestic violence case. He was arrested late last year for assaulting Kate Major.

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At the WiLD 95.5 radio station in Palm Beach, Fla., he will primarily take on the grunt work ... but come on, he's gotta make it onto the air at some point.

It's Michael Lohan, after all. Guaranteed to get some phone calls, good or bad.

The pay: $8.25 an hour ... 50 cents more than he would've made at BK! In a class move, he's said he will donate it all to charity. What a human being!

As for Kate Major ... she is very possibly an even bigger psycho.

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Seriously this guy needs to fade into oblivion and take his hot mess of a daughter along with him.


If he got the Burger King job, he could ask customers, "Would you like lies with that?"