Matt Lauer vs. Bill O'Reilly: Did the Media Exploit Whitney Houston?

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On The Today Show this morning, Matt Lauer and Bill O'Reilly engaged in a fascinating debate.

It stemmed from the latter's belief that Whitney Houston had a death wish, that nobody abuses drugs or alcohol in such a way "if they want to stay on the planet."

Lauer countered this point by saying "addiction is a disease," but O'Reilly shot back:

"It's a mental disease. You have free will when it comes to addiction. You don't have free will when it comes to lung cancer."

The main topic of the discourse, though, centered on the media's handling of Whitney's long struggle with substance abuse, with O'Reilly labeling all reports over the years as "sensationalized to exploit the woman's condition, not try to help her.

"You know what we in the media do, Lauer?" he asked. "We wink-wink it. We Snoop Dogg it. We Willie Nelson it. 'Hey, oh yeah, they're stoned, that's fine.'"

Is O'Reilly in favor of lowering flags in New Jersey Saturday in honor of Houston's funeral? Yes, he believes we should respect the singer's life. But he also believes journalists should have done the same for her before she died by taking a harsher stance on her drug problem.

Listen to the audio above and take a side.

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O'Reilly keeps calling Matt Lauer "Lauer". He does that to everybody, calls them by their last name. What a goon he
is, with a street bully mindset. Admittedly Lauer is a scumbag, the only guy in the media who has O'Reilly as a guest and keeps bringing him back yet, but O'Reilly does that to everybody.


Does O'Reilly seriously expect a PSA to not use drugs because you don't want the same thing to happen to you that happened to Elvis, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston? He expects them to name names. What an imbecile!


O'Reiley is an idiot and Matt Lauer would interview any scum person for rating's don't watch either!! Kartrashian's,The Anthony's and I could go on forever.


If they didn't in the past, the media is sure as hell exploiting her now!! And that is how it goes.


Had enough of Whitney Houston


Ditto- Let's turn the Page




I get so tired and worn out with famous people allowing their children to take drugs in their homes and in their persence. Both Bobbie Brown and Whitney knew that Bobbi Kristina had been on drugs. They were lax about not getting her treatnent. They were both too self absoved in their own drug problems to even give it much thought. I ask my self why the other family menbers or child services did not step in. If this was not a famous family, child services would have been there quick as a fash to put the child in a foster home. This it the richeouse word accorning to Catalina


Whitney lost respect for her self. Bobby Brown should step off as her folks requested. O'Reilly is so right. The press gets so conditioned to drugs and alcohol that they gave her a pass. Bill is right you have no control over cancer but you choose to put a pill or alcohol in your mouth and down the hatch. I think that a person doesn't really know if they will get addicted until they push the envelope way too far and can not come back with out help - Doctors and friends and the press should have helped her until she was able to help her self - her talent was a great loss to this world and I think Chris Christ is right to lower the flag for her. She was her own victim. - The richeous word according to Catalina