Mark Sanchez and Kim Kardashian: New Kouple Alert?!?

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Mark Sanchez tossed 18 interceptions last season, but is it possible this New York Jets quarterback saved his worst decision for off the field?

A new report claims Sanchez is dating Kim Kardashian. A source tells TerezOwens dot com that the relationship started, in secret, prior to Kim ever pretending to love getting together with Kris Humphries - and that the romance has now heated up again.

“Kim and Mark like to meet in hotels for dinner dates and flings," according to an insider. “Whenever Kim is in New York, they hang out. They are very careful with not being seen together."

Kim Kardashian in Beverly Hills
Mark Sanchez Red Carpet Pic

Sanchez - who many believe should no longer be the Jets signal caller, especially if Peyton Manning is released by the Colts - hasn't been shy about dating celebrities in the past. His bedpost notches include Kate Upton and Hayden Panettiere, while he also reportedly had intercourse with 17-year old Eliza Kruger.

Sanchez was also teammates at USC with Reggie Bush, making it likely he does know Kim in some way.

But does he know Kim in that way? We assume a sex tape will soon come out that settles this issue once and for all.

UPDATE: Kim has Tweeted, in response to this rumor: "Dating rumors are always fun when u don't even know the people your supposedly linked to! Who makes this stuff up!"



White stupid many men has she sleep? To many to count on both hands and feet. Stop putting this trash of a human on a petal she will always be a HOE....along with her trash of a family. Not role models for TV and anybody children.


yes thats all men will use her for now.. sex and thats it.. she cant be trusted


I think Kim Kardashian is a decent girl. It's the mother who is the problem and I believe she has ruined her daughter's life. I can't bear all this bear-baiting when it comes to Kim. Incessant snide remarks and bad reporting from the media and vile internet postings in response to these reports must really hurt. The one person from this family who needs to rein herself in is Khloe. She is unbearably rude, disrespectful and has a foul mouth. Can she not see how awful her behaviour is when she watches herself back on the programmes. She's a dreadful example to youngsters.


As a huge Jets fan, this combination of Sanchez & the slut is perfect. He'll get some vile venereal disease from that revolving-door vagina of hers and have to quit the team -- she'll just be screwed over by another athlete -- and hopefully the Jets will get Peyton Manning. All will be good with the world!!


I think kim only does just two more attention no offence to her but the world has got better things to do than read about her relationships that ent even gona last get a grip girl and just grow up and settle down and stop acting like a tart cause that what you making yourself sound to be and if anyone disagree with me then thats up to them everyone has different things to say bout her but you got to admit she going tooooooo far know


LOL I can not believe that adults have so many nasty comments for someone they do not know or will ever know. Are their lives so boring and sad that they give comments on reality personalities lol. I mean really is this all you have to do all jobs no families.
Lots of judging lol. God does not like ugly and you can not fix stupid.


KIM , You REALLY NEED TO SLOW YOUR ROLL FOR A WHILE IF THIS STORY IS TRUE. ? She suffers from poor little rich girl syndrome. Whoever is representing her needs their ass kicked, she needs to be removed from the limelight for awhile. Too much over exposure literally. Kim you need to teach people how to treat you , & right now it looks like your no more than a cash cow. Take a break let us miss you , as for the men in your life ,STOP!!!!!!!! Tossing it up like a frisbee and expecting a decent guy to catch it. Only a DOG Will keep running after something everybody's played with. Catch a clue Kim. Become your own best friend.......


She's well used merchandise and if this guy has any sense he'll run for his life.


Kim.., give it a try


Perfect couple ... the Whore and the Idiot. He has to be the worst QB in football. Look at the ears on dumbo too. He is a mess.
She is no winner but Sanchez is more interested in sex than football.
He has screwed the Jets but good and I am not a Jets fan but feel they should give him his walking papers. Anyone would be better than Sanchez.

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