Mariah Carey Tweets Adorable Photo of Monroe and Moroccan Cannon!

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Watch the throne, Blue Ivy. You don't have the cuteness crown all to yourself.

Right after Beyonce and Jay-Z were presenting the first Blue Ivy Carter photos to the world, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon got in on the act, offering up the clearest, cutest pic yet of their baby girl and boy twins, Monroe and Moroccan.

Or as Mariah calls M&M, dem babies:

Monroe and Moroccan Cannon Photo

Between Moroccan, Monroe and Blue Ivy, you may melt from cute overload.

"New #DemBabies picture ... first one from 2012 : ) LYM!!" Carey tweeted on Friday afternoon, posting a link to the website devoted to her now 9-month-old twins.

All together now ... AWWW!

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They are adorible!!


Monroe is a spitting image off mariah both babies are beautiful x


Why do you losers see the need to compare celebrity babies? I mean for real? How low can some of you go? Disgusting....


Soooo cute


All beautiful! But why now, Mariah! I see your weight lose commercials, keep working at it! I can't remember the media being as hyped about the birth of your children, like Blue Ivy! I don't even remember you being the main focus when you were pregnant! Unless I missed something, let Blue Ivy have her moment.


The twins are so adorable!


Only ugly people dis babies


No need to bash on a bby you r better then that picking on kids I'm gonna laugh if your bby is ugly and it is only cause you make fun of ppl you must be ugly to make fun of bbys


how can you say a baby is ugly? they are so cute


@lmao that's what your momma said about you#hater...
All gods children are beautiful ......