Mariah Carey on Whitney Houston Death, Funeral: "May She Rest in Peace"

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Mariah Carey is the latest celebrity to speak out on the death of Whitney Houston. But it isn't easy for the artist.

"I'm almost incapable of talking about this still," Mariah said today on Good Morning America. "It's very heavy emotionally."

The two legends collaborated on "When You Believe," a duet featured in the following video and a subject on which Mariah spoke at length in the interview.

"It was great and I don't think people could ever understand our relationship," she said. "There was always this supposed rivalry in the beginning and then we did the duet and we became friends."

Carey attended Whitney's funeral in New Jersey, describing the ceremony as "gorgeous" and concluded her thoughts about Houston with these simple words:

"I loved her. We all loved her. May she rest in peace... her legend's gonna go on forever."


Whitney's contributions to music can never be fully etatsd and her legacy will live on forever in the hearts and minds of those of us who love and appreciate the gifts that she has given to the world.


Man im sholl gone miss ol' whitney but she saumwea good now nd if or wen mariah die imma cry nd never stop i love u mariah.....!!!!and will always luv u.....!!!! miss u whitney hope u meet michael jackson

Ms billie

That is one beautiful video with 2 beautiful ladies. I hope the lost of Whitney touches the hearts of those people doing drugs and helps them to realize they need to walk away before it's too late. We've lost too many great singers and people to drugs. RIP Whitney and Michael I loved you both!

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