Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Out of Dancing With the Stars?

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The rumors are swirling again, as they seem to every spring and fall as Dancing With the Stars prepares to unveil a new cast: Will Maksim Chermkovskiy return?

He certainly didn’t endear himself to the judges last season when he made arrogant quips to Len Goodman about how the elder statesman should leave the show.

Even though he claimed in the same breath that “this is my show, you know,” is Maks calling it a career? He's hinted that he might, and ABC won't comment.

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The DWTS producers won’t reveal which pros will return for the 14th season until they announce the latest round of celebrities (February 28 on Good Morning America). 

When the new season begins March 19, there would be a gaping void without Maks - love him, loathe him or a little of both - that very few if any celebs could fill.

EW even lists the obvious reasons why:

  • His passion makes for great TV. He's over the top sometimes, but he cares.
  • He's an institution at DWTS, having been with the show since Season 2.
  • He has yet to win the Mirror Ball trophy. C'mon, Maks. One more shot?
  • He's actually a very good teacher ... occasional tough love and all.
  • Women seem to love images such as the one above.

What do you think? Would DWTS be the same without Maks?


I miss Max too. But his brother is slowly growing on me. Good news is that while flipping through channels I happened to notice that General Hospital was making a big deal about their 50th anniversary so although I'm not a soap fan I do know know two of the stars from DWTS so I started to watch and who should pop up out of no where??? Max!!!! He's playing a choreographer for the nurses ball. And he's still chasing around Kelly Monaco:)


I have watched every episode of Dancing With the Starts, the fact that Max is missing leaves for a very dull show, that is not to take way from Derek or Marc, they are still most entertaining re their dancing but Max is missed by many.


I watched the first episode this season. No Max; I won't watch again. He was so elegant and the judges treated him like crap. Almost every season Derek got the best dancer, therefore he wins more. Derek is cute; Max is awesome. I hate that Max left. The whole tone of the show is different. I hope this is the last season.


Absolutely not, the show won't be the same without Maks!!! He's an amazing dancer and his relationships with his celebrity is always enjoyable to watch. And, his candidness with the judges well they can be outspoken, but he can't? Seems subjective to me. I am more of a fan when Maks is there.


I miss Max you need to bring him back and give him better partners.


Not watching 2013 season!! Mak's made the show!


i agree with everyone else. get rid of that judge carrie ann she is a dreadful creature. max and mel b. got ripped off big time. frances.


If Maks leaves DWTS I will no longer watch the show any more I think he one of the best dancers on the floor. Give him a good partner so he and she can win every now and than.


Здрав�твуйте... Без Мак�има �мотреть не буду DWTS , не знаю почему он до �их пор не зан�л первое ме�то, �то �транно, так как �читаю что он во многих �езонах во многом выигрывал �оперников и думаю надо учитывать, то что когда профе��ионал девушка, то на много �рче и кра�очней номер, когда профи мужчина, ну �огла�ите�ь мужчину учат поддержкам, а ведь научить женщину на много �ложнее...И повторю�ь, то что он еще не выиграл ни одного �езона не �праведливо ...


I love Max. If Max goes I will not be watching Dancing
With the Stars. He is the BEST dancer on the show, he has definitely got the best body, his diaphram is insane! He really cares about his partner and does his best to make them stand, even though it is impossible. Most of the other dancers are into themselves and the girls especially use their body and moves to make the guy look good. I'll never get over the season that Mario did not win. He was 10x better than Elliot. There was no comparison. That was such a rip off. The people were definitely voting for the sexy instructor, because there was no way Elliot was better than Mario. That really turned me off of the show. So if Max goes I will not watch Dancing with the Stars again. I use to be a dance instructor years ago for Arther Murray's and I have alway watched the footwork and diaphram closely. so go max go!!!!!

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