Madonna Halftime Show: What Did You Think?

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With all due respect to Eli Manning, might Madonna have put on the best performance of Super Bowl XLVI?

The legendary singer mashed up a number of songs over the course of 12-plus minutes, possibly lip-synching a great deal, but also pulling out a number of fun numbers, including one that involved some incredibly limber, acrobat-like dancers over a set of makeshift bleachers.

Nicki Minaj also stopped by. So did Cee Lo Green, LMFAO and M.I.A. The Material Girl hit the classics ("Vogue, "Music") and her new one, "Give Me All Your Lovin," showing great energy for a woman her age.

Watch the halftime show now and sound off below with your thoughts:

What did you think of Madonna's halftime performance?


Too bad all black women look the same, crusty faces and fat arses and thighs the size of tree trunks. U r clearly deluded ayame lin


Live in the Philippines and you will hear alot of people criticizing about people's ages. They are so youth obsessed.


i think she's gross and i wonder why white women
always look like crap after like 28 years old...? Asian and
black women age gracefully.White gals not so much.JMO


Madonna rocked. An amazing production number.


She could of used a couple of redbulls before she came out , she did look a little stiff in her moves I guess the hamstring thing , and I missed Ray of light , it was ok I have seen her do better routines in concert ...Anyway I still love Madonna she can still move for a senior lol !!


In the Olympics, you have Dara Torres and she is competing again in the London 2012 Olympics at age 45, battling with the 15-17-year old swimmers! I wasn’t born yet when Dara Torres competed in the 1984 Olympics. And I heard that Janet Evans is returning to the Olympics too, she’ll be 41. In the Entertainment world, you have Betty White and Hugh Hefner who are still strong at 90! Roger Moore was 58 years old when he made his last James Bond movie in 1985, A View to a Kill. What is next, a 90-year old running for president?


Madge had a pulled hamstring and still killed it! And tired of people complaining that she lipsynced. So WHAT! Michael Jackson and every other performer (not bands but solo artists) lip at the Super Bowl.


I liked it. Very well produced. Probably one of the best halftime shows ever. Some of the dance steps looked a little stiff, but heck, for someone who's pushing 60, I thought it wasn't bad at all. Way to score one for the Boomer Generation Mads!


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