Madonna Halftime Show: What Did You Think?

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With all due respect to Eli Manning, might Madonna have put on the best performance of Super Bowl XLVI?

The legendary singer mashed up a number of songs over the course of 12-plus minutes, possibly lip-synching a great deal, but also pulling out a number of fun numbers, including one that involved some incredibly limber, acrobat-like dancers over a set of makeshift bleachers.

Nicki Minaj also stopped by. So did Cee Lo Green, LMFAO and M.I.A. The Material Girl hit the classics ("Vogue, "Music") and her new one, "Give Me All Your Lovin," showing great energy for a woman her age.

Watch the halftime show now and sound off below with your thoughts:

What did you think of Madonna's halftime performance?


Loved Madonna, C-Lo Green and LMFAO! Can't stand Nikki Minaj. She is the exact opposite of Madonna. No class what so ever. I always turn the station when I hear her, especially her her rapping ... turns my stomach!


I was disappointed at her performance....she showed her age....looked like a floor excercise at a geriatric gym.....her moves were boring. Her voice was so low and the music choice to me was boring. I don't understand football and watched the game to see the halftime show.......but after a few minutes I decided it would be a good time to grab a snack from the kitchen. I am SO gla i did not pay to see this show as I would have felt ripped off. Madonna...stick to directing because your performing days are over!
Goodbye.....we all age so act your age and be realistic.....your days on stage are over the hill....just like you!


Her OLD-ASS is washed up!!! I'm a couple of months older than her, & I wouldn't "try to pull off" something that a younger person should of had the opportunity to do!! It's not her 1st SUPERBOWL PERFORMANCE,& they should of given a NEWER, FRESHER ARTIST THAT OPPORTUNITY!! TAKE HER OLD-ASS OFF THE SET!!!!!


Ayame lin, I see you have a problem. Please see a doctor. I bet your one ugly jealous black, wanna be white, female. Am I wrong? I feel sorry for you. Have you had your shower today?


How did this go from your opinions on how Madonna do to racist remarks? Guess some people on here are uneducated fools who can't express their opinions in a mature and respectful manner.


I freaking LOVED madonnas halftime show! I am a child of the 80s and loved her then and still do! She is truly an icon! So what if she was a little slow and lip synced?? I know my azz sure as hell couldn't get up there and do half of what she did up there last night..could you? Awesome show madonna! You STILL rock my world!


I was blown away by her! I can't even understand why people here are making comments about her age. Everyone gets older you know why be mean about it. Also, I like it that she always gives room on her shows for other artists especially young ones. She's one cool lady. I also loved both Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. People are making a big deal out of her flipping off a camera, but I thought it was just for the show and she was only doing her part. It's unfair that she's being called out for it.


im grateful to see Madonna rather than bieber or gaga thats for sure.


I know that her one-time rival Belinda Carlisle from the Go-Go's, looks much like and older woman than Madonna. She was born in the same year (1958) and same day as Madonna.


So white women dont age as gracefully as asians? U are a friggin idiot. U obviously need to stay n ur cat-eating, backward, dirty country.


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