Madonna Halftime Show: What Did You Think?

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With all due respect to Eli Manning, might Madonna have put on the best performance of Super Bowl XLVI?

The legendary singer mashed up a number of songs over the course of 12-plus minutes, possibly lip-synching a great deal, but also pulling out a number of fun numbers, including one that involved some incredibly limber, acrobat-like dancers over a set of makeshift bleachers.

Nicki Minaj also stopped by. So did Cee Lo Green, LMFAO and M.I.A. The Material Girl hit the classics ("Vogue, "Music") and her new one, "Give Me All Your Lovin," showing great energy for a woman her age.

Watch the halftime show now and sound off below with your thoughts:

What did you think of Madonna's halftime performance?


Nodana, you knew what was going on. a show for millions, and kids and you let some idiot do that for ratings. you have sunk even lower than before. you are sad.


*****Carol**** ummmm...can you do those moves like Madonna did on stage??? Maybe not since your She is in her 50's & I think she did a damn good job! Quit hating go grab another snack!


I absolutely loved this performance. Even though Madonna isn't an amazing singer, I've always liked her music and loved her style. She is so badass.


I Absolutely Loved it! Very Entertaining! What I really liked was that She incorporated a bunch of Big Name Artists to Perform with her...AWESOME SHOW!


C'mon, Madonna dropped out of college in University of Michigan with only 35 bucks in her pocket and she relocated to New York City in order to pursue singing. YouTube or Disney Channel was not around back then when they discovered Madonna. But she worked hard for it, so get real! Especially for the ones who grew up listening to Britney Spears or Justin Bieber.


Amazing. Well done Madonna...I get it. Unreal story behind that whole number:)


"70 year-old granny dancing" Ha, HA ha.. HOW True... thinking her Screech is worth $300 a show.
she cant even play an interment or write music notes.


It's understandable that she was a tiny bit cautious in her moves - there is no room for a slip on this kind of stage... Also, I saw some of the comments about Madonna's "boring" routine - what a load of @#! It's a family show, people, the kind you might watch with your parents! Well done, Madonna, it was beautiful, young, tasteful, and thought through. P.S. I'm almost 29, and I wish I would be as fit as Madonna right now!


Haters going to hate but Madonna Kicked ASS !!!


White women are beautiful and their beauty has no expiration date.


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