Lil Wayne: Engaged, Expecting Baby With Dhea?

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Did Lil Wayne pop the question to girlfriend Dhea on Valentine's Day?

That's the rumor, which spread like wildfire after MediaTakeOut (yes, we know), reported that Dhea told Weezy she's pregnant ... and that he decided to make it official.

MTO says he cares about her so much that he wanted to put a ring on it. They also report that the wedding will take place this spring. All sounds very lovely and bogus.

However, Lil Wayne took to Twitter early this morning to write “She said yes!” He did not say who said yes to what, but that's something! Congratulations, possibly!

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If Wayne and Dhea are expecting, it will be their first ... but not his.

Lil Wayne has four kids. His first, daughter Reginae, was born when he was 15, to his high school sweetheart (and now ex-wife) Antonia "Toya" Carter (née Johnson).

His second child, Dwayne III, was in 2008 (the mother is not known).

His third child, Cameron Carter, was born to Lauren London on September 9, 2009. He had his fourth child, Neal, on November 30, 2009 with singer Nivea.



I am happy for lil wayne congrats. that he is getting married and is having a baby on the way!!! BUT..... I still dont want him to retire thats my baby and he will be missed in music because there is nobody to do it like lil wayne!!!!!


he is getting married they said it on 106&park congratz


about bands such as the killers and the used. give weezy dcreit for attempting the crossover coz at the end ov the day thats what artists do, they create things for an audience and just because you may not like the end product doesnt man that your right.dunno y im even writing this though really coz while weezys sittin bak wiv a shit loada money ressesion free,whiney lil bitches lyk u jus gather 2geva to chat gash about stuff u could neva have the tallent to achieve,coz lets face it....iff u did then u wudda dun it buy now. S**T I only came on her to read a review. ash x


Lil wayne is engaged 106&park announced it on 3/5/12 that they are engaged.!!!!!


I feel so bad for the stars! They cnt have any privacy. If all is true congrats to him. Reginae will be a wonderful big sister!!


Wayne dont hide it man if yr getting married do it dont say oh its just a v time thing yr the best rapper alive man so good luck to yu this may be yr happy time of yr life yr misunderstood by the world


Congratulations if they are expecting or engaged.. If their happy that is all that matters.. He seem to love kids bcuz obviously he keeps skeeting and he is a grown ass man who take care of his kidz. I have never heard anything about him being a dead beat dad.. So my opinion skeet on weezy lmao


Ugh and more ugh-homely is as homely born.

Wv peach

Dude, put a cap on it! All these kids... just ridiculous.


This is not true..he updated his twitter saying she said yes to being his valentine.

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