Leah Messer: Jumped By Roving Gang of She-Thugs Outside Movie Theater!

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Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer was brutally attacked by a group of three women outside a West Virginia movie theater this weekend, according to reports.

The 19-year-old mother of twins, who just miscarried in her second pregnancy, is telling friends and family that the incident went down Sunday night.

Leah Messer says she had just left the theater with her new fiance, Jeremy Calvert, when an older woman began following her and calling her names.

Leah Messer Cries

Leah insists she tried to tell the woman to leave her alone when two other girls came out of nowhere and all three began wailing on her hardcore.

Sources say Leah's fiance and a security guard managed to pull the three assailants off the MTV star and got Messer the hell out of the area.

A photo of her face following the brawl shows the poor blonde with a swollen cheek and redness on her neck and chest ... this was a serious melee.

Messer apparently did not recognize any of her attackers, but Leah's mother has since gone to Twitter in an effort to try and identify the women.

It's equally unclear why the goons decided to go after her in the first place. Sources say Leah plans to follow up with police later today to file a report.


Wich of them corney ass girls really even care about her personal life??? None of them im sure.. Coreys ugly ass probly put them up to it. And of coarse she got her ass kicked, THERE WAS 3 OF THEM. Weak bitches couldnt handle business 1 on 1 cuz they r pussies OBVIOUSLY!! Im sorry that hapen to you Leah, keep yur head up and DO YOU


I love when people say something about someone elses spelling and grammer but in the process use terrible grammer themselves. Donna, you can't complain about others grammer and spelling when most of your sentences were run on sentences. Your over use of commas does not take the place of periods. Also, I know this is the internet, but you used "&" instead of "and". That is a "no-no" when bitching about spelling. I realize others used ridiculous slang or just can't spell at all, but please use proper spelling and grammer yourself when complaining about others!


Everyone bashes these girls for everything but how pathetic are those women,...not even women,...those childish women to jump the girl. What did they gain from that? Nothing I'm sure.


Wny do a lot of you begin to judge this young lady. no one has the right to beat this young lady up no matter what and i hope they catch the ones that did this to her she is a mother and a good one at that and the show is to help other young women learn what it,s like to be a teen ma and people that live in glass house couldn't cast stones and how do you know she left the truck at all unless you are one of them.


What kind of idiot(s) beat someone up just because of a television show? The kind of person who can't separate fantasy from reality and gets some sort of thrill by ganging up on someone to somehow make them feel better about themselves. Those kind of losers are worse than the person they went after.. freakin' pathetic.


this no talant trash gets defended but you disrespect Whitney America please wake up


Why is this nasty shit even on tv? Oh, yeah. America gets their shits and giggles from watching all these ho's on tv. Teen moms are so fuckin cool. The best role models ever. Keep up the hard work- spreading ur legs and gettin knocked up. That's a great way to earn some cash.


Country Roads, Take Me Home............N O T ! ! !
hillbilly IS as hillbilly DOES! Pathetic...............


Sorry leah.you should be more careful next time by not talking back at anyone you don't know.There are a lot of sick people out there.but you should also try to think back at a rescent incident that might have provoked that.Make sure that the police gets to the bottom of this.Take care.Peace and love y'all


I'm not going to be putting names on here all you have to do is read some of these posts & you'll know who I'm talking about. If you don't know how to spell or how to speak you should just shut up. For the spelling part try using Spell Check it works wonders. As for the grammar part I suggest either going back to school or get yourself a tutor. Then there are people who are saying that she wasn't brutally beaten because you can't tell by looking at the picture-she got jumped by 3 woman, there are witness to her injuries, who knows when the picture was taken. Not only that sometimes the lighting etc you can't see the bruises etc. No matter what you think of her she doesn't deserve to be jumped by anyone. You people need to grow up & get a life. She's a human being & didn't deserve what happened to her. It sickens me that people get off on this violence, actually violence of any kind.

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