Kristen Stewart to Paparazzi in Paris: Freeze to Death!

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Kristen Stewart touched down in Paris this week for a photo shoot with Vanity Fair.

And while the actress was more than happy to stop and sign autographs for fans, she was less than thrilled to be bombarded by members of the paparazzi while doing so. In fact, you might say the Twilight Saga star gave these photographers a chilly reception.

"Are you cold?" Stewart asked a couple cameramen on her way inside a building. "Freeze to death! Freeze to death!"

Watch the taunt around the one-minute mark below and don't worry about the affect it had on Stewart's supporters. They love her more than ever, as evidenced by one onlooker following the celebrity's trash talk with: "You rock Kristen!"

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cameramen overdoing sometimes !!!it's really stupid when you have always a bunch of cameramen and paparazzi following you!!!i hate their work so don't blame kristen !!


I agree with Kristen, its not her fault about the camramen were spying on her. If i was her, i'd do the same thing! :P


seems mean spirited to me...but your all's commments are mean too. could it be that a meanie attracts meanies?


The only thing thatI know is that Kristen is very beautiful with or without makeup. No need to compare her with other stars because she is entirely a different persona.She is only in public if pertains to work. She is not flaunting her relationships in public, able to separate her works from her private life, and that is a real person


@jen im having a hard time understanding what you are saying. But yes she does make the fans happy. However, not everyone is into the twilight, or likes her acting. A part movie viewers voted for her to win best actress. other movie viewers are rooting for Kristen Stewart or the twilight series to win worst actress or worst movie in the Golden Raspberry Award.


@Natalie LOL! The fans are happy, so what could matter the most behind making those tons of movies for? If not to make it watchable and be loved by fans, and that's how HW puts food on its table, honey.


@jen.. easy easy it was just my opinion. and the only awards she has won is based on fans votes anyway


@Natalie, have you won any acting awards?! If nada, then just shut up! Because you know NOTHING on what you're talking about! Yes I think, as simple as that!


Stupid Heather, did you see them parading around enjoying the parasite's attention??!! Well, that could be Silicone Valley..eerrr Kim K you're talking about!! You have a crab mentality and you think like a mudfish, too!!


o my... this has more emotion then her entire acting career.