Kris Humphries, Attorney to Put Reality TV on Trial?

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It made him millions of dollars, and opened up the door to a number of marketing opportunities, but Kris Humphries has reportedly had it with reality TV. He's preparing to take that industry down!

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    Kris Humphries, Attorney to Put Reality TV on Trial?
    Hh yeah baby! It made my day!
    You are welcome)


    U guyz nid 2 grow up.doesnt min,one nt beingn in d limelite is nw a nobody.den dat like wise u,is also a nobody.


    Just another kard-TRASH HO


    Kim is not sure of what she wants,Kris is just being real.. The Guy just wanted a family with the wrong person... Till Today Khloe is More sensible than she is(kim).for me I don't blame him,yea he got more fame but he was sincere with his feelings.Kris is more matured! For his age...


    Its just very normal for kris to be angry and want to get back at her. I dnt rly blame any of them, they should ave just gone off the cameras and settled their probs...


    @Rachel why don't you SHUT THE FUCK UP


    I think EVERYONE above whos calling Kim a bitch and blah blah blah, yall are retarded! A) None of you can spell worth a damn and B) just admit youre haters cause you dont get paid to let a camera follow you around. So stfu and stop talking like youre best friends with Kris Humphries and A damn producer on the show! Get a life. :)


    Yall are so dunce, does it looks like Kris like the spot light? Stupid. He will win. The Kardashians and their trashy fans annoy me. Have some values, all of you just have low self-esteem.


    I Hate The Kardashians..I Hope You Win This Case Kris.The Kartrashins Need To Go Down..She Played You On Tv..Gave U scripted lines to make u seem mean..All U Humpries Haters Realize the Kartrashians Show Us Fake And scripted they have lines and the drama is not real it's reality because they are a real family but their drama is fake they made kris act mean in his lines and they made him treat her like that sometime it's all fake..Kris married for live she Married For Money Ppl come on it's do obvious how u gonna have problems in ur marriage an never being it up to ur husband she didn't care bout him that's yy she let the press no about the divorce an not him she is a font hoe


    It's about time he woke up! Kris was just the character in her fairytale! I watched the show out of curiosity and the whole fool of this young man... I will never give the KardashiHOES ratings again!

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