Kourtney Kardashian: Pregnant! Abandoned!

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Poor Kourtney Kardashian. The knocked up reality star has once again been left by baby daddy Scott Disick, according to Life & Style at least.

In December, we were told that Kourtney was left Pregnant & Alone by Disick, despite a multitude of red carpet appearances that proved otherwise. Now, a new tabloid cover story is screaming that Scott is again acting like a total jerk.

Pregnant and Abandoned!!!

In late January, sources tells the magazine, Disick spent a weekend partying in Las Vegas. He then returned home to a "fuming" Kourtney, the insider continues, who responded to his bachelor-like ways by throwing him out of the house. The result?

Scott spent 11 days in a different state than his baby mama last month! 11!!!

Disick even has his own place on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, an apartment he allegedly escapes to any time he and Kourtney fight.

Another mole, meanwhile, refers to Kardashian as "depressed and not happy," adding that the couple is "not affectionate" and here's proof:

"I don't think they've had sex since Kourtney got pregnant - and that was four months ago!"

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I don't blame scott. dat family is a freeking controlling family dey've gat to much drama going on.


Chrissy - pregnant women have sex, right up until labor. The increased blood flow makes sex better than ever, and orgasms ready the uterus for labor. If pregnant women didn't have sex, none of them would still be married by the time the baby was born.


Well of course they havnt had sex since she got pregnant.. She's pregnant! dumb ass


@ Jenn---- Thank You. I wish you would have spoken sooner. It's a revelation to say the least. I'll never look at the K's the same. If there is ever anything I can do..... Please don't hesitate.


This situation shows how dysfunctional this family is! However, the reality I think is...Scott can't and won't commit and Kourtney keeps making babies possibly in hopes she can keep him anchored to her. If he's clubbing away from home...it reflects that he's chafing under this whole pregnancy thing with her. Sad to think the Kardashians have him on the payroll just so Kourtney can procreate. Maybe this distancing is Scott's way of angling for a "raise" from the K Family!


I like all the Kardashians and I feel just because they have money doesn't mean they don't go through the same kinda drama we as regular moms and dads go through.Geez people think just because you have money all your problems are solved well that's not always true put yourself in their place before you write the crap you write about them!!


I would rather have my nuts in a vice than listen to that voice of hers.


Wow shes prego again really


Get them off the air!! Who cares about any of them!!


well this is another created story for their show, just like the party kris threw and lamar visiting strip club. e entertainment is always there to film these actions. they have to come up with something new to keep people interested. scott is treated terrible by kort and he is reading his lines (not a very good actor). it is so phony. no he didnt really leave her.

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