Kourtney Kardashian Konfirms Gender of Impending Child

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Kourtney Kardashian has a message for her fans: OMG.

That's right: Oh... My... GIRL!

The reality star sold the announcement of her baby's gender to OK! this week, revealing to the tabloid that she's having a girl in just a few months.

A Girl for Kourtney Kardashian

We're "so, so excited," Kourtney says, while boyfriend Scott Disick - who apparently has NOT abandoned his baby mama - adds:

"I even wanted a girl the first time - and then we had Mason and it couldn't have been any better... We're very fortunate to have the combination that everyone wishes for."

Does the couple have a name selected?

"We actually have one name that we both love, but I'm not sure," Kardashian said. "I feel like you don't really know until after you meet the baby."

In other words: we'll tell you when a tabloid shells out big bucks for the answer.


i hope she is not having it on my birthday 4oth july that would suck ass hate them alll


Congrats on having a baby girl .......


Awwwwww a girl. Kongrads


Grandma Kris will have a reality show waiting for her at birth. Kry Baby!


@Snicker...let's see if Scott can stay around long enough to change the first diaper! Sounds like he could get the title, "Clubbin' Daddy" real easily! Yeah, this child is to be pitied!


That poor child to be born into such an awful family.

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