Kobe Bryant to Vanessa Bryant: I Won't Cheat on You Ever Again, I Swear!!

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Kobe Bryant is going all out to save his marriage.

The L.A. Lakers star has reportedly sworn up and down to wife Vanessa Bryant that he will never, ever stray again if she calls off their divorce and takes him back.

Kobe has "aggressively pursued" Vanessa over the last 2-3 weeks, and she's been pretty receptive ... but she still isn't sure the marriage can be resurrected. 

When we say aggressively, we don't just mean promises of faithfulness. We mean gifts. He's reportedly given Vanessa a VERY expensive piece of jewelry.

Kobe, Vanessa

Kobe famously gave Vanessa a $4 million "adultery ring" after she stood by him during his infamous affair / rape trial in 2003 (Bryant was acquitted of all charges).

As for whether they will drop the divorce - the terms of which are finalized but which does not become official for months - they are working on a reconciliation.

Sources very familiar with the couple say they both love each other and not to rule out the possibility that the marriage will be saved, despite Kobe's cheating.

On the flip side, Vanessa Bryant and the couple's two kids were in New York City over the weekend, looking for a big apartment ... not exactly a good sign.

Vanessa, now worth at least $75 million, won't say if she's packing up and moving from California for good, but she definitely wants to buy a place in NYC.

Kobe reportedly knows she's shopping in the Big Apple, and isn't happy about it. Could she be planning on skipping town for good? Using this as leverage?

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Once a cheater, always a cheater. Unless he turns his life over
to the Savior who will help him become the husband he should be,
his cheating ways are more than likely just around the corner again.


The cheating part is a small percentage of the issue. With all of the STD's that are out there, she is going to have to get tested regularly because she doesn't know what Kobe is bringing to their bedroom.


Hey, here's an idea...BOTH Kobe and Vanessa should just sign the goddamn divorce papers already!!! That way, Vanessa can move on to her NEXT husband/male celebrity and Kobe can continue to WHORE IT UP with hoes and skanks without having to worry about a little thing called MARRIAGE looming over his damn head!!! Case closed.


Jackie - Being married to a cheater often makes a woman a bitch. I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. Once a cheater, always a cheater.


I don't really care what they do, but I have met Vanessa several times....she is a bitch.




This has nothing to do with race! It should be left out of the comments! At some point you have to except a person that cheats and decide if you can live with it! It has to do with the person not their color or creed! Kobe needs to dig down into his soul and be a man of honor for his kids and his wife! No other women is worth loosing your family over! CAN HE DO IT FOREVER IS HE QUESTION?


Nobody can trust a CHEATER


I hope she doesnt fall for this. Shes BEAUTIFUL and he will Always cheat.


do what u gotta do for u and ur children, vanessa. keep the gifts tho...

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