Kobe and Vanessa Bryant: Getting Back Together?!

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Kobe Bryant and wife Vanessa Bryant just split, but are already working on a reconciliation, according to reports... and photos of them kissing (on TMZ).

Vanessa showed up for the Lakers' win over the Atlanta Hawks last night, and the couple shared a kiss in the tunnel on the way into the locker room.

Love was apparently in the air for the ex-spouses on Valentine's Day!

Kobe Bryant, Family

Vanessa filed for divorce in December, and they already sealed a property settlement deal in which she got all three of their homes and $75 million.

The pair married over a decade ago and have two little girls (above).

However, Kobe has been trying to win her back ever since the split, and the divorce is not final, so there's more than a glimmer of hope for the pair.

While Kobe and Vanessa Bryant submitted all the necessary papers to divorce, it doesn't become finalized until mid-June - six months under California law.

There's plenty of time to withdraw the papers, and it looks like things are trending that way, though Kobe and Vanessa are NOT living together ... yet.

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Hey Kobe,who pumping that ass now hotshot? Maybe you can call your girl in Colorado!!


Why do I have the feeling that it's his money Kobe's more worried about than the marriage?


Principle means nothing to some people. And of course the money.And
of course the money-whores. Take the money, put him in the garage and keep the wha-wha to yourself. He's getting plenty anyway. Remind him he don't need to beat no little girls----he's got some of his own----does he want them beat by some overated drunk slob
cause "that's the life and they have arrived---sides, they expect it." Isn't that what the big DWTS buddy had to say on TV. There is where the blood money comes in Mrs. KB


I hope they reconcile they have such a beautiful family; maybe they need to try for a boy next time. They were very young when they got married, they grew up together, they need to work a little harder on their marriage to make it work. They are still in love, and they are thumbimg their noses at the naysayers.


OH Man Does she get to keep the money. Good to get back together for the kids sake. Go for it Vanesa. You will never find a* better Hick than KOBE. Even though he goes out for a little NIP once in a while surely you can put up wth that for a great lifestyle

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