Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush to Elope?!?

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Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush are back together? Please. That rumor is so last week.

The latest issue of In Touch Weekly takes this chatter one... hundred steps further by claiming Kim and Reggie are making "secret plans to elope." So secret, apparently, that they're the topic of this tabloid's cover story:

Plans to Elope?

Earlier this month, an anonymous source tells the magazine, Kim met Reggie in Miami and "didn't go out once," clearly meaning the couple was plotting a quickie, quiet marriage somewhere.

"They weren’t seen in public together, per his request," the insider adds.

Kim did recently tell Allure that her next relationship will be far more private, so it's possible she and Bush are at it again, on the DL. But the day Kim Kardashian gets married away from television cameras is the day Rihanna starts dating the man who beat her to a bloody pulp again. What's that, sidebar of In Touch cover?

Oh God no.


Well if this elope is going to last longer than I don't see what's stopping them. Besides let's face it Kim has being rather quite lately so may Reggie is the way to go!


come on ppl... u seriously cannot be giving this chick a hard time over these rumours.... not fair... and lets be honest ... her ex hubby to be was not cool... he had far too many i am the man issues... didnt even have a job..


Scuse me... who the hell elopes at 31? Isn't eloping for young teenage rebels? Eloping from whom, from what? Do they mean a quiet little civil affair for the almost middle aged? I watched one episode - the wedding event, very pretty all of it, but those guys? All of them? The husbands or HABS (husbands and boyfriends) - are they there for ornamental reasons? They were the most emasculated people I've ever witnessed. They seem to be athletic (the guys) but the girls, can any of them run 20 metres? Why are the men so obedient to these females called the Kardashians. Wait maybe I should watch another episode, I'm looking for IQ points somewhere, anywhere. Shallow is an understatement. What's with all the staring into space by the one Kim? It's like she has a camera pose all ready and ..... pause and stare. Weird.


If this guy has anything to do w/ her I'll lose all respect for him. He's too smart for her worthless nonsense...


Why would Reggie want to be with a fame money ho-i think he can do


I mean wouldn't I guess that is why it is important to proof read first before submitting post


I am sorry there are some missing words and mis-spelled words to my comment, what I wanted to say about my comments.Is Kris H letting their marriage ending quietly and quickly so she could run off to marry reggie. base on if it was me, I believe if Kris heard about this article from IN Touch and believing if it is true I am guessing he would do everything he could prolong it just so it would be quick for Kim to marry Reggie LOL!!! I can't this, because it is so funny. Reggie has said no way and I had mis-spelled believe too


I can't believe this story was to be a secret and I guess that Kim K didn't know her sex tape was about be leaked. Why is Kim doing this again don't she need to continue put an end her second marriage to Kris if he heard belive he make it more difficult to end the marrige quickly and quietly I know i would and now she is finally willling to give up her career to marry Reggie. I don't believe it! Now she is willing to give up those future million endorsment deal I can't see it and besides reggie has said no to their rekindle romance, so I guess the source that sold the story to IN Touch magazine, just left egg on the magazine faces this is fun to talk about this type rumors

Avatar long as the tabloids keep handing her the BUCKS! "Cha-ching, cha-ching"!


I don't think she is even divorced yet. She can't elope. GO AWAY KIM!!!!!!

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