Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush: Spotted in Beverly Hills!

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While the death of Whitney Houston rightfully overshadowed all other happenings at the Beverly Hills Hilton this weekend, the tragedy didn't blind onlookers there to every other individual at the hotel. Case in point:

Witnesses say Kim Kardashian was spotted on a lunch date there with Reggie Bush.

  • Kim Kardashian and Her Breasts
  • Picture of Reggie Bush

Kardashian was in town to attend Clive Davis' pre-Grammy Awards celebration, while Bush was in town... to rekindle his romance with the reality star?

According to those on the scene, Kim and Reggie were all smiles, posing for photos with fans and building buzz of a future reconciliation.

Why might Bush - a seemingly good, charity-driven, normal guy - want to get back together with the reality star? We can think of two reasons. Both are on display in one of the photos above.


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Yall some haters like yall don't know there hearts at all so i belive they are following there hearts and yes she is selfish but she need a good unselfish man to tell her want she is doing wrong


leave de girl alone,she is so cute dat guys can't keep their distance frm her.they used 2 a gud couple years back


HE is so fine!!!


There's something not right about this story. Nobody snapped a picture? Nobody??? C'mon. I dont believe it for a second. Since when does she pose for pics w/o a single paparazzi around? Never. I call b.s. on this story.


I need to find me a bm!!! denzel is so cute in that pic!


First of all, when HL reported her feelings about Whitney's passing, there were all sorts of pictures of her to accompany the article about her attending the Grammy pre-celebration. And I thought to myself...WTF. Then when Whitney's demise began to garner even more attention from the media (and I must say it was so refreshing to see that there was nothing written about the Kartrashians), I wondered how long it would be before we saw or read something about this famewhore. But, low and behold, here is the story about her and RB. All I can say is we all know about Kim (selfish, greedy, uneducated, famewhore, lacks spirituality...and the list goes on)! So, when you see RB going back that route, you have to ask yourself WTF is he doing. SMH!!!


Run Reggie Run -- as fast as you can!


No new content Ƒσ� their reality show so what does †ђξ skank do to dig up content Ƒσ� their alredy dead show? She dines with Reggie Bush. Ђσώ low can this skank go again? Engagement,wedding,sex tape,playboy cover, they have exhausted all stories so watch out people Ƒσ� †ђξ ridiculousness just to have something to put on tape Ƒσ� America to watch. Boycott †ђξ katrashians expecially Kimwhorely.


I wouldn't put it past this skank to go to The Beverly Hills just to get attention, knowing damn well news coverage is all over the place there..... She will stoop to the lowest of the low to get attention. Something is really wrong with her.....


Kim is in need of D.I.C.K again!! Whore can't be single to save her life.