Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush: Spotted in Beverly Hills!

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While the death of Whitney Houston rightfully overshadowed all other happenings at the Beverly Hills Hilton this weekend, the tragedy didn't blind onlookers there to every other individual at the hotel. Case in point:

Witnesses say Kim Kardashian was spotted on a lunch date there with Reggie Bush.

Kim Kardashian and Her Breasts
Picture of Reggie Bush

Kardashian was in town to attend Clive Davis' pre-Grammy Awards celebration, while Bush was in town... to rekindle his romance with the reality star?

According to those on the scene, Kim and Reggie were all smiles, posing for photos with fans and building buzz of a future reconciliation.

Why might Bush - a seemingly good, charity-driven, normal guy - want to get back together with the reality star? We can think of two reasons. Both are on display in one of the photos above.



Any man who would take a chance on this woman after what she did to Humphries needs their head examined.


patty: you said it.
Is she famous for having so much junk-in-her-truck or getting divorced? I don't get it.


Is Reggie Bush out of his mind is there nobody around other than garbage left over these days or what? She will screw up anything she touches and sadly that is fact.


Reggie,my advice to you is to do the right thing which is to stand by the woman you love,and Kim please try to make this work this time so that you can prove your haters wrong that you can be a good girl.At this trying time you have reggie,not all guys will do that for a babe,not after all that has happened.JUST DON'T HURT HIM!Peace and love y'all.


So sick of hearing about this bitch already nobody even cares anymore... Ur looks and Ur body ain't always gonna get u through life stupid fuck find something better to do instead of being a fukn slut all the time, pinchie wanga puta.




Yea she's pretty but every time I see her face I can't help but remember how it looked when she had RayJ's penis in her mouth! She was a nobody that got famous off of a sex tape. She can't sing or what does she do again? If I were Reggie I wouldn't kiss her!!!!


I will say it again: Ugly, overated, no talent and i wouldnt use side vision to even look at this trash in person.YUK!!!!!


That didn't take long huh Kimmy, gotta have that black pole!


kim is so ugly now im sorry... tooooo much plastic surgery. she looks ridiculous when she tries to be sexy hahahaha. no ones hating bitch... its just the truth.

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