Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush: Spotted in Beverly Hills!

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While the death of Whitney Houston rightfully overshadowed all other happenings at the Beverly Hills Hilton this weekend, the tragedy didn't blind onlookers there to every other individual at the hotel. Case in point:

Witnesses say Kim Kardashian was spotted on a lunch date there with Reggie Bush.

Kim Kardashian and Her Breasts
Picture of Reggie Bush

Kardashian was in town to attend Clive Davis' pre-Grammy Awards celebration, while Bush was in town... to rekindle his romance with the reality star?

According to those on the scene, Kim and Reggie were all smiles, posing for photos with fans and building buzz of a future reconciliation.

Why might Bush - a seemingly good, charity-driven, normal guy - want to get back together with the reality star? We can think of two reasons. Both are on display in one of the photos above.



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Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush: Spotted in Beverly Hills!
Ain't it the hottest thing?


I think kim shld go and submit to her hubby and stop al interference frm mum and sis's


Heaven wuldnt allow Reggie fal into her trap. Kim is too wild n corrupt 4 him


you absoloute losers


Kim, you go ahead do what you gotta do to be happy!!!!


funny. what is the meaning of a normal guy and a reality star? are they not human being? nobody knows the truth about her ex marrigae, maybe haters just want to pull her down but she is a strong girl i surpose...


He must be nuts! She's crazy as a bed bug!


They luv each other, iam happy for them. Haters pls stop


To begin with, I think that Reggie Bush is VERY SEXY AS HELL!!!!! As for he and that skanky Kim KarTrashian getting back together? HAHAHAHAHA!!! Not likely. From what I hear, Reggie's mom HATES Kim and Kim's whole family. Remember, Kim's marriage to that Kris Humphries dude horribly CRASHED AND BURNED after 70-something days of marriage. Marriage...something else that KIm is NOT any good at!!! Furthermore, I agree with Deborah...Reggie, dawg...RUN RUN RUN AND DO NOT STOP!!!!! I think that Reggie needs to find a new chick...someone that he's gonna be very compatible with and that's gonna get along with his mom. And that ain't Kim KarTrashian. At all. Once again, this is Jaybird369 long ya'll!!!!! PEACE!!!!!


Iyke - I'm not a KK hater. I just believe in calling a duck a duck.

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