Ke$ha in Glamour: Major Makeover Alert!

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Ke$ha is featured in the latest issue of Glamour. You just might not realize it based on photos of the singer.

While the eccentric singer has seemingly tried out all possible looks - from mohawks to face paint - this fashion magazine captures Ke$ha like you've never seen her before: all natural. Compare styles below:

Madeover Ke$ha
Studded Eyebrows

It's a Ke$ha off! Which version do you prefer?

So which is the real Ke$ha? The relaxed, makeup free girl on the left? Or the pimped out rocker on the right?

"I'm just very amused by five-year-old humor," the star tells the magazine. "Don't get me wrong: I do destroy men on a weekly basis. It's like a hobby. I'm like a praying mantis. They f-ck me, and then I eat them. But who isn't amused by a giant, dancing penis? Sometimes when I'm sad, I make my assistant put on the penis outfit and bounce around my house."

And is she worried about the reaction to her bare body and face? Nope.

"I'm not really worried about the photographs because if I tell my fans not to give a f-ck about the haters, then I have to practice what I preach. I embrace the imperfections and celebrate them."

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"Me, me, I, I..." Who cares what this trash mouth has to say?


ke$ha you made me find myself and help me not care about what others think , you and your music made my life much better , you are my idol , my future wife , my drunk buddie . < 3 keep staying strong and make more and morenew hits . < 3 rock 2012b ke$ha love youur MAIN ANIMAL !


OMY! She look prettier all natural! I wish she can sing again! But she sounds WAY better A Capella.


Wow! The words that come out of her mouth are so trashy. On top of that she has no talent. Why is she even popular?!


Collette - Well said , I could not agree wtih you more!!! Nice!


To Harvey the Rabbit, By reading the article and posting here you have very much proven that she DOES matter and that you're jealous of her wealth, talent, looks, trashniess etc


lol....yet another silly woman who thinks she matters, or that men are her 'prey'. What a crock! She is delusional but if it makes her feel better, well then hooray for her. This is a man's world, always has been, always will be. Women, even hos like Ke$ha, exist for our pleasure and for us to discard once we are done with them.
I'm sure she has spent many, many nights alone crying herself to sleep.


Why cant she pull a "Amy Winehouse" and do the rest of the world a favor already... No one want to hear about her..


"I do destroy men on a weekly basis. It's like a hobby. I'm like a praying mantis. They f-ck me, and then I eat them."
Now, let's take the same commment and reverse the genders
"I do destroy women on a weekly basis. It's like a hobby. I'm like a praying mantis. They f-ck me, and then I eat them."
I ask you, if you heard a man make that comment would you be offended? I think most of you would. It's sexist trash like this that we should ALL object to regardless of gender. This young woman obviously has respect for no one, not even herself.


it is amazing how many people feel the make their comments into personal attacks. you may not like this singer or her music but to attack her personally and call her names and imply that she smells like a dead seal is going way too far. maybe the people making these comments should learn how to disagree with someone. what do they do when their boss says something they don;t like tell him he is an old ****? or do they try to stay on topic?