Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown: Still Together, So Happy!

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Rumors have been flying that Chris Brown and Rihanna are getting back together, however, dude is still dating Karrueche Tran, and it's apparently going well.

Sources close to Karrueche say that she is not perturbed by the rumors about Rihanna, because she is currently dating - and living with (!) Chris Brown.

Guess she would know better than a bunch of tabloids ...

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A Karrueche Tran Pic

Furthermore, after Brown made his not-so-secret appearance at Rihanna's birthday party, he whisked Karrueche off to Miami for a romantic Valentine's Day. Aww.

So all is well in paradise? Looks like it. Probably. Maybe.

A source tells Us Weekly that Karrueche knows that Chris Brown and Rihanna have hooked up (she thinks it happens at the studio), but is sanguine about it all.

She isn't going to throw away her meal ticket break up with her boyfriend over a few minor indiscretions, after all ... you gotta look at the big picture here.

So Us claims, anyway.

Karrueche Tran is an aspiring model, if anyone wondered/cared. One who does not care about his past, obviously. Miranda Lambert would not approve.


@Karen. Shit girl you stole my comment.




Who cares the whole music and film industry set off this type of persona with filthy clothes, nasty parties and every foul thing you can imagine. So lets face it..what he did was very wrong but what Rianna does to the minds of young girl and boys take away their life force ability with her filthy dress and lyrics. Why start at the bottom with a fight and a felony while the top is getting rich with this crap. What about the word Sin and Babylon is that worse? How stupid to worry about Chris B. and Rianna when the world is going up in hell. Dang...some people is just plain lost and chasing: Benjamins, gossip, men, women, fb, twitter, fame or what have you. Oh don't forget that you are being spoon fed this crap each day which occupy your mind and keep you down.


Both "stars" have such greasy, sweaty faces....Anyone else notice?


...I wish you all would say something like "aspiring Stylist" since thats what she does, She is WAY too short at 5'1" for modeling!


Uhn Kae sb a lil concerened esp since the only ones he ever tweeted a bday wish to was his momma & Mijo. Now; @chrisbrown: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBYN!


No comment on this one except to say if dotish Rihanna wants to give Chris ah taste of her sweet ass again, be a man like me Chris and pound it again.


Quick get away from WOMAN BEATER


@Reed quit being a stalker! See, i knew that you want me. Im sorry, you can't have my goodies. Do me and other's a favor, burn in hell!


@Neci- The only thing YOU know is what I tell you/ in other words the only chance you have at possibly getting an Education on LIFE-,it's by listening to me talk! You didn't know a damn thing until they said it and posted that picture. Nobody but you gives a damn about Brown!

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