Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown: Still Together, So Happy!

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Rumors have been flying that Chris Brown and Rihanna are getting back together, however, dude is still dating Karrueche Tran, and it's apparently going well.

Sources close to Karrueche say that she is not perturbed by the rumors about Rihanna, because she is currently dating - and living with (!) Chris Brown.

Guess she would know better than a bunch of tabloids ...

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Furthermore, after Brown made his not-so-secret appearance at Rihanna's birthday party, he whisked Karrueche off to Miami for a romantic Valentine's Day. Aww.

So all is well in paradise? Looks like it. Probably. Maybe.

A source tells Us Weekly that Karrueche knows that Chris Brown and Rihanna have hooked up (she thinks it happens at the studio), but is sanguine about it all.

She isn't going to throw away her meal ticket break up with her boyfriend over a few minor indiscretions, after all ... you gotta look at the big picture here.

So Us claims, anyway.

Karrueche Tran is an aspiring model, if anyone wondered/cared. One who does not care about his past, obviously. Miranda Lambert would not approve.


dats bullsh**t, theres no happiness, Chris and Riri still love each other deeply, they have never stopped, they are big celebs and cannot go public for obvious reasons, Ka... is with CB for convenience


the only problem i have with ka..whatever, is that she's toooo smaalll for Chris, he's a big boy and need a real real gal 'Riri'


Oh my lord, here we go again! Some of you all can't get mad at these two young people. It is funny that chris and rihanna have more common sense than alot of you all. They forgave and move on so, who care's? Im sure that some of you all going to comment that you can forgive, but never forget? We'll it's strange that rihanna sure did forget, hey! The girl knew that they both made a wrong choice in life. So who am i and other's to judge?


Seriously! Cb is tryna get riri back! -_______- this story reminds me of my ex and I!!! All will end soon... tran is just being patient..but one day she will have enough of that bs...


most men dont like good girl,s and it,s obvious that chris as been sending message that he want RIRI songs like (she aint u)and my live is not the same without u so why blame riri if he didnt want her he wouldnt be seeing her and further more chris should never do i song like that birthday cake shit with his ex if he respect kerry wat evr her name is ,she should take it as disrespectful but she,s afraid of getting dump 4 riri .hey thats a carribean girl hot love she got chris likes it..a man dont think pass there dick so good luck kerruche.....


Karen, oh and if youre not like that than you wouldnt be on here..you would be in church or reading bible occupying your time with more useful information smart ass


I agree with everything you are saying but you are no better than Rihanna or anyof these people on here..you are the same sinful dirty disgusting like Rihana...we all are unless you've been cleansed w/ Jesus' blood you are that disgusting rihana too...so i wouldnt be talking like youre better


Good stay where yu are at chris dont go threw that junk with rhianna again dude


Goof stay where yu are at chris dont go threw that junk with rhianna again dude


The law only see's what u did wrong. But they do not see what the girl's do behind you back. Let's face it; This is a bichass country. And if you din't had money for a lawyer you go to jail. Thanks pice in! NY World wide.

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