Kacie Boguskie: Returning to The Bachelor?

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Is Kacie Boguskie on her way back to The Bachelor, the very next episode after she was sent packing in a surprising move by Ben Flajnik? It looks very likely.

In the promo below, someone surprises Ben in his Swiss hotel room. Shocker! But in a previous promo, he's seen talking to Kacie, in a hotel room, in the same clothes.

So ... there's that.

Also, it's straight out of The Bachelor playbook. Bring the fan favorite back for one last hurrah, raising expectations that just maybe, they'll get another shot.

Will this change the outcome, assuming it is Kacie B. (skip ahead to the 6-7 minute mark)? From what we've read (see link below) ... no. But you never know!

Ben narrows the field from three to two Monday, with the Women Tell All special airing the following Monday, March 5, and the season finale Monday, March 12.

For all the details on how it turns out (we think), read The Bachelor spoilers page we put together and update every week. You may not like what you read ...


What a lovely girl; inside and out. One of the loveliiest and nicest contestants ever


It's not Kacie returning....its Ashley. Look at the leg shot....the legs are Ashley's - that bowed look.


After all of that they had been through, you would think that he would give her some sort of explanation... BUT NO, he just sends her home and says "I'm sorry". Clearly, this is planned by producers or something. She probably comes back next week to demand and answer as to WHY he sent her home. And probably also to tell him that if her departure had anything to do with her parents, then she wants him to know that she is her own person. She may come back and tell him that she doesnt want her parents to have anything to do with his choice, because she loves him and won't let her parents interfere. It is odd that the editting made it seem like Kacie B. would be the one for him... go figure... they just wanted a twist, to shock us. Is it just me, or did it seem like he and Kacie B had the most developed relationship that started from their very first date??? He doesn't seem that far along in his relationships with the other girls. Arg.

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