Justin Bieber Curses Off Fans at Disneyworld

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It looks like Justin Bieber was caught having a bad day over the weekend.

In a new video making its way around the Internet, two giggly fans of the young singer spotted him at Disneyworld - on a ride with his father and girlfriend Selena Gomez - and told the artist they followed him on Twitter. His apparent response?

F-ck you!

What would prompt such vitriol? Especially from a celebrity known for being so accommodating to his fans? Who knows. But among the shaky camera work and confusing setting in the following video, you definitely can make out Justin's voice uttering those two words. Watch and listen for yourself:


I don't usually defend actors or musicians, but I would be VERY interested in the rest of the video. Justin Bieber has gone far out of his way to accommodate his fans. Either he is having a bad day, or there is more to this than we are seeing. I am a little disappointed that HG only gave us a very small clip and then sensationalized it. I am no big fan of his music, but the kid seems too cool for this. And normally pretty well behaved too. Just sayin.


Um, it actually sounds as though they were making fun of him. I don't blame him for his response.


He didn't say that, he said love you idiots smh,


These are not fans.


Something else had to have been said, Justin Bieber doesnt talk like that, or use that kind of language, the girls sounded like they were taunting him.

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