Justin Bieber Curses Off Fans at Disneyworld

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It looks like Justin Bieber was caught having a bad day over the weekend.

In a new video making its way around the Internet, two giggly fans of the young singer spotted him at Disneyworld - on a ride with his father and girlfriend Selena Gomez - and told the artist they followed him on Twitter. His apparent response?

F-ck you!

What would prompt such vitriol? Especially from a celebrity known for being so accommodating to his fans? Who knows. But among the shaky camera work and confusing setting in the following video, you definitely can make out Justin's voice uttering those two words. Watch and listen for yourself:

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HE JUST WANTS TO BE ALONE? So lets all go to Disneyworld, where no one will ever bother you, let alone perhaps maybe young fans. He's a cretin anyway. I heard "Fuck You." being said to people who most likely have helped him make all his money to toss around with selena and hire entire buildings just to watch a movie with her. What a creep. Oh and Destiny, dear, it's Loser. One O not two.


You cant even see or hear anything, much less him. For all I know that could have been Michael Jackson.


It was definitely LOVE U.


I heard love you the fans mustv'e misheard


He did say FU and sometimes celebs need a break and he's fed up of fans and paps following him but it comes with his fame so he has to deal with being in a bad mood better since he wants to be a celebrity.


Justin just wants to be alone with with his girlfriend and father at Disneyland. Don't disturb him by yelling out his name. He's just trying to have fun.


To begin with, I COMPLETELY AGREE with HEA...some fans are WAY WORSER than the paparazzi!!! So, if Justin Bieber did emotionally go off on those 2 fans...WHO THE FUCK CARES????? Justin's not the 1st celebrity to go off on a fan and he ain't gonna be the last to do so. Case closed.


I hear LOVE YOU!!


He definitely said, "LOVE YOU!" ~0;-0


Can people not hear. He said love you. Even the fan thought he said eff you. lol too funny.