Joshua Ledet Opens a "Jar of Hearts" on American Idol

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It's a good thing Joshua Ledet got on that plane to Hollywood, isn't it? Who knows how far he'll go now.

This 19-year old from Louisiana - who started singing at the age of three in church, and who is a rumored member of the top 24 - told the American Idol judges last night that he nearly couldn't board his flight due to anxiety.

But he got up the courage, sang an emotional cover of "Jar of Hearts" and received a well-deserved standing ovation, as well as a pass on to the next round. Watch the sterling audition now and most definitely keep an eye on Ledet going forward:

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this guy is one in a million of a life time. he pulled me through


Haley's lower register is not that well depeloved, but a vocal instructor can fix that almost instantly. Haley's upper register is more powerful than Lauren's, as is her falsetto.Not bashing anyone, just pointing some things out, because Haley and Lauren were the Top 2 in my opinion.


can't stop watching american idol , i was a fan from the begining but the last two seasons i did not enjoy. this year I said i would watch it I turn my tv on and there was Joshua Ledet, Hooked for life.
He has what it takes, i don't know what it is but he's got it. He brought me to tears, goosebums on my arms, he has just a beuafitful voice. FOr some reason I don't know why he puts me in the mind of the late sam cooke who was a gospel snd R &B singer, but he sounds much better. I will be voting for him on all 5 phone lines. He is the next american idol, but there is a lot of talent but he by far the best.


My wife watches the American idol all the time, I think I've watched it maybe at the most 3 or 4 times, but when I herd this guy sing I was taken back. I had to play it again well mybe more then that. I don,t do the voting thing but I will be waiting for your music to come out. It truly is God giving.


Go Joshua Ledet,God Blessed you with that strong powerful voice,you touch people heart when you sing,you just have that voice that just um,blow ur mind away,its strong and powerful mannnn,i plays ur song over and over cause i love the way you sing,keep moving forward,you have my vote,you be its always something different when you sing,its Awsome!


I record AI and just saw this performance last night - This by
far, with the possible exception of a Casrto song a few years back, was by far, the best performance I have ever heard on American Idol. Wow, simply stunning, amazing, and super emotional, having never even heard the original song, I don't think it could compare to Letdets version. Made me seriously swell up - Congrats Ledet, I applaud you, just awesome - Best of wishes. This coming from a 48 year old Blues/rock fan/musician.


I was blown away by Joshua's version of jar of hearts. I have not stopped singing it Since. He showed so much power and emotion i wanted to hear it over again. This guy has a lot of talent. I will be voting for him this season.


I was blown away by Joshua's version of jar of hearts. I qhave not stopped singing it


This was the best ever performance I've seen! There is something about it: he sings with such a soul, it is incredible!!! Love it!!! It gives me goose bumps all the time.

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