Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar: Still Hoping For Baby #20!

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Following the miscarriage of their 20th child in December, reality stars Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar say they haven't given up the dream of having baby #20.

“We would love another gift if God saw to it,” Michelle Duggar said about the couple's hopes that she could have another baby. “We’ll take more children!”

Michelle miscarried Jubilee Duggar (they named and held a memorial service for the fetus) last year, which will be depicted on TLC's 19 Kids and Counting.

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“Whatever blessing God wants to give us we’ll be thankful for,” she said in a clip from Tuesday's season premiere. “We would be so happy with another child.”

Michelle said all of the family members dealt with Jubilee’s death differently, but she was especially touched by the way little Jordan, 2, interacted with her.

“We told her that Jubilee had died and was with Jesus and she would come up and pat my tummy and say ‘Baby Jubilee gone but she’s with Jesus.’"

"She was understanding it as best as she can.”

Should the Duggars try for a 20th baby?


She is 46 years old. Time to be a grandmother now!


@emetib...what is it with your love of spelling your usernames backwards? I have a feeling you've got possibly another username on here like that...I think I know which one, too. You're welcomed to your opinion about this family...and, of course, so am I.


@Splashnymph..... I'm going to take a guess you've never actually watched this series. I do not personally agree with her continuing to have children. HOWEVER, it is her choice. Her family is not on government assistance and very much gives back to their community.


well, enough is enough, the fact that the last child they had, had issues, when born, is tiny, god knows what else, and the fact she miscarried last time, your to old to give birth, for god sake your grandsparents, and your oldest child is married. I can say what they do as a family, and the fact they are not a drain on the world, I give them props for that, but really pass the torch and enjoy being a grandma and grandpa. your uterus is ganna fall out one day.


These two need mental health help. (to say nothing of the kids that were made like they were on an assembly line)


This couple are the poster children for sterilization! This is all done in the name of grabbing media attention. I pity the children!

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