Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar: Still Hoping For Baby #20!

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Following the miscarriage of their 20th child in December, reality stars Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar say they haven't given up the dream of having baby #20.

“We would love another gift if God saw to it,” Michelle Duggar said about the couple's hopes that she could have another baby. “We’ll take more children!”

Michelle miscarried Jubilee Duggar (they named and held a memorial service for the fetus) last year, which will be depicted on TLC's 19 Kids and Counting.

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“Whatever blessing God wants to give us we’ll be thankful for,” she said in a clip from Tuesday's season premiere. “We would be so happy with another child.”

Michelle said all of the family members dealt with Jubilee’s death differently, but she was especially touched by the way little Jordan, 2, interacted with her.

“We told her that Jubilee had died and was with Jesus and she would come up and pat my tummy and say ‘Baby Jubilee gone but she’s with Jesus.’"

"She was understanding it as best as she can.”

Should the Duggars try for a 20th baby?


It is no ones business but theirs how many children they want to have. It is a free country. They are not looking to the government for a hand out. They are supporting their own children and doing a wonderful job. The children are all well taken care and are happy kids. I wish them the best.


I'm sure the Duggars are wonderful parents, but I do think if they want that many children, it would be better if they adopted kiddies who need a home. There are so many deserving children in bad circumstances not just babies, but older kids. No one needs 20 children of their own in this day and age. Instead of giving life, get a life and make a life better for a child in need.


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Only one word for these people and that is IDIOTS, they keep having children to keep the show going, it is so obvious and so unfair to the teenage girls!


Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are very loving parents. They raise their children to be loving to others and to have morals and values. They have raised wonderful children that are caring, loving people. They treat others in a kindly manner. They are a wonderful family that are supportive of each other. They are people that help those in need. They help willingly and don't complain. They have helped friends build an addition on their home, helped out at a mission to prepare and serve food, have gone on missions to help those in need and helped out doing search and rescue after a tornado. These are good people that are raising good people. They live their life in love and not hate. They are doing a wonderful job!


There is something wrong with both of these people but look at his body language like he makes very sure she says the right thing and she can barely speak because she seems to me very weak but that is the way I feel.


Sorry, but there is DEFINITELY something very wrong with these two!


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