Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar: Still Hoping For Baby #20!

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Following the miscarriage of their 20th child in December, reality stars Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar say they haven't given up the dream of having baby #20.

“We would love another gift if God saw to it,” Michelle Duggar said about the couple's hopes that she could have another baby. “We’ll take more children!”

Michelle miscarried Jubilee Duggar (they named and held a memorial service for the fetus) last year, which will be depicted on TLC's 19 Kids and Counting.

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“Whatever blessing God wants to give us we’ll be thankful for,” she said in a clip from Tuesday's season premiere. “We would be so happy with another child.”

Michelle said all of the family members dealt with Jubilee’s death differently, but she was especially touched by the way little Jordan, 2, interacted with her.

“We told her that Jubilee had died and was with Jesus and she would come up and pat my tummy and say ‘Baby Jubilee gone but she’s with Jesus.’"

"She was understanding it as best as she can.”

Should the Duggars try for a 20th baby?


For those saying they have enough, that's not up to you in any way, shape or form. They leave it all up to God, which leaves you out of the decision-making process because you're not God.


As long as they are paying for these children (and they are) and realize this many pregnancies puts Michelle's life at risk meaning these children may one day have to go on and grow up without her if they keep on with what they're doing, more power to them cause as far as I've seen, they're raising their children in a lot more stable environment than a lot of families are.


Not your damn business Courtneyj6!!! Lead your own life!!! Michelle does not need your permission and you are not GOD!!! So just shutup!!!


Wow!wow!!wow!!!Jim,you're mmm and Mitchelle,you are wonderful.just take care of yourselves.Peace and love y'all.


@Just me.....Bingo! He sure does know me! Well! Ha, ha! Just ask him. I have to say it's been so easy to following his username changes from R to D to ........! The latter I can't say was too creative, but it does in a pinch I suppose. When it comes to being cryptic I don't know if he's CIA material. Just too transparent...kinda like I wish the Obama Admin would be moreso..transparent that is! Ha!


Sorry, "you guys" is the way I talk. He knows you judging by his other post. Haha. Think Just me is good enough and I will keep it.


I've always been who I am here. I just read and read comments posted. Make a few comments here and there. I didn't get what you meant by "...but no that was some kind of inside joke between you guys.." Who's "you guys"? And no, I have to say I'm not a Lakers fan. I will tell ya though, I think "Mr............" knows who I am. He should at least.


I love watching there show they are good people but 19 kids is really enough I donot understand how she puts her life in danger to keep.trying to have another baby I think its time she stops and she should enjoy being a.


Althought its their right and choice, it is ridiculous! They had terrible problems with joise and lost the last one, they are just asking for their child to suffer!!! I'm glad they don't get any goverment hand outs and leave little carbon foot prints, but enough is enough when it comes down to the child suffering just because they just had to have a 20th one..not to mention the fact that she could also loose her life and they babys life with the health issues that happened before..be happy with the 19 you have now and quit being selfish, your selfishness is going to hurt any future babies and possibly emotional hurt your other kids if you die trying to give birth.RIDICULOUS


I was quite taken aback by BW. Only 2 usernames, really can't find one like the original. The other backward name was a one time thing. You would be the one who posted 2 and you were the Laker fan. I am so sorry, I am a Laker fan but no that was some kind of inside joke between you guys. I took a break after the BW incident. Take care!

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