Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar: Still Hoping For Baby #20!

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Following the miscarriage of their 20th child in December, reality stars Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar say they haven't given up the dream of having baby #20.

“We would love another gift if God saw to it,” Michelle Duggar said about the couple's hopes that she could have another baby. “We’ll take more children!”

Michelle miscarried Jubilee Duggar (they named and held a memorial service for the fetus) last year, which will be depicted on TLC's 19 Kids and Counting.

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“Whatever blessing God wants to give us we’ll be thankful for,” she said in a clip from Tuesday's season premiere. “We would be so happy with another child.”

Michelle said all of the family members dealt with Jubilee’s death differently, but she was especially touched by the way little Jordan, 2, interacted with her.

“We told her that Jubilee had died and was with Jesus and she would come up and pat my tummy and say ‘Baby Jubilee gone but she’s with Jesus.’"

"She was understanding it as best as she can.”

Should the Duggars try for a 20th baby?


First off I think alot of people need to mind their own business. At least they support their kids unlike some who rely on welfare time and time again! With that being said age and health risks are gonna be higher now and with alot of kids already maybe that should be considered.


Mrs. Dugger, Thank you for being such an inspiration. Are not the sparrows and the lillies of the field being taken care of? Are not the Duggers being taken care of all these years? It is due to their great faith, hard work, and God's Love. Not just a coincidence I'm sure. Besides, there are so many couples who are not ready to have children. I'd rather you and your husband give birth to 50 children than to see some parents who struggle with drugs, alcohol or domestic violence continue to have kids. Please, whatever God gives you, I celebrate it!!


She needs to get her tubes tied.


In my opinion they should have a lot more kids. We need more good ppl. There are too many ppl in this world who haven't been raised right and some of the comments on here make it very obvious that we have way too many uneducated, overly opinionated ppl in the world. I can only hope that courtneyj6 is a child because if you are an adult the world is in much worse shape than i thought.


Courtneyj6 mind your own business and watch what YOU say! Stop playing GOD


If they want another child, it is their choice, this is a loving family and God will take care of the rest.


i love the duggars. i hope you do what god intends for you to do. you have 19 beautiful children and 2 beautiful; grand children.


Hahaha @ noonesbuisness. One of those people who take things oh so seriously. If you are not God then I don't your permission to talk now do I? Hehe, watch what you say, you see how I turned that one on you. Fucking idiot.


She is playing with fire, with all those children that need a healthy mother..i cant for the life of me understand why she would gamble with her life, a babies life, and the lives of her children..


“'We would love another gift if God saw to it,' Michelle Duggar said about the couple's hopes that she could have another baby." Interesting how so many disregard the word "if" in there; "...if God saw to it..." meaning it's all up to God and no one else.

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