Jeremy Lin Shoots Down Kim Kardashian Dating Rumors

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Jeremy Lin led the New York Knicks to their eighth win in nine games yesterday, pouring in 28 points and adding 14 assists in a 104-97 victory over the Dallas Mavericks.

But the rising star point guard truly proved his decision-making skills off the court, telling ESPN's Rachel Nichols that he is NOT dating Kim Kardashian and doesn't think he's her "type," shooting down rumors that claimed Kim was using her friendship with Carmelo Anthony's wife to cozy up to the Harvard graduation.

Watch the interview below and see Jeremy essentially tell the reality star: LIN your dreams, Kim!

In other news related to the first NBA player of Chinese or Tawainese descent, ESPN has fired the employee who published a racially insensitive headline on its mobile site over the weekend, and also suspended an anchor for uttering the same word on air.


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Jeremy Lin Shoots Down Kim Kardashian Dating Rumors
Ain't it the hottest thing?
Have fun


oh my gosh , you are all jealous. Kim is beautiful, rich, and has a fun life. you girls would want to be her, dont deny it
you guys would want to be with her, yes you would
leave her alone
let her live and learn and make mistakes and grow
we are all human beings and make mistakes its part of life geeez


Who wants kim kartrash-money HO


This guy has waaaay too much common sense and self respect to get involved with that hot mess. I didn't need to hear him deny it to know it wasn't true,,,


Maybe the filthy thing that is pimped by its mother needs to realize that not everyone is interested in a prostitute!


Who in hell made up this dumb rumor? As if this Harvard-educated athlete would be interested in that illiterate, lard-ass pig!! His family in Taiwan would disown him -- hell, his teammates would as well.


Kim is just jealous of what her sister's have. She needs to get over it.


For Mr. Lin's basketball career if he is smart he will keep away.


Why do they keep Kim in the headlines? She's associated with every male that plays sports. Ick!


Why does this idiot who fills her cartoon ass with her own diseased lard, who is a known thief, a habitual lying, vulgar filth, immoral garbage, rubber faced swine insist on attaching her corrupt name to any one famous? She is getting more desperate and more pathetic by the day. When will she finally realize she is an offensive, walking joke? She has her money. Is she had half a brain, she would walk away.

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