Jennifer Hudson vs. Amber Riley: Who Sang Whitney Better?

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A pair of contrasting Whitney Houston covers hit the small screen this week. At least in terms of their planning.

First, in a tribute to the late singer, Jennifer Hudson took to the Grammy Awards stage - with just 24 hours to prepare - and belted out an incredible rendition of "I Will Always Love You."

Then, on last night's new Glee episode - by sheer coincidence, in a scene taped weeks ago - Amber Riley covered the same classic track as part of that Fox program's Valentine's Day episode, shedding tears in the process over her character's status on the show.

Who did a better job? Watch both and decide:



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Ok . . . I've pretty much stayed out of the Whitney talk but this is different. . . . It really is an unfair comparison given one was done weeks ago in a recording studio with the benefit of whatever studio magic there was while the other was done hours after Whitney's death live with all the emotion that may have been there.. . . That being said. . . . Gotta give this one to Amber Riley.


Really can't choose here...Jennifer Hudson sang it live and in an emotional state since Whitney had just died the day before while Amber Riley recorded in a studio several weeks before. They were both good. Have to go with Melanie that no one sang it better than Whitney herself.


Beautifully sung by both, but No One Will Ever Sing Like Whitney Houston and will never have her voice!! There's No Voice like hers! Love you Whitney Houston. You will truely be missed! You were my favorite singer and you will always be. There's none like you!


Kathy and Laura, you don't even know what you're saying. ALL THREE VERSIONS ARE IN THE SAME KEY. Whitney, Amber, and Jennifer. Jennifer Hudson's was better by a mile. Amber's was a nice autotuned imitation.


Amber Riley could never do what Jennifer Hudson did LIVE with RAW emotion...No competition here!


as much as anything i love the song but like anyone would say every singer sings differently even if it is the same song they both are great.


In this clip, amber sang it better. But 2 things 1. amber is in a studio 2. Jennifer was emotional and live. I think you need to pull the youtube video of Jennifer's 2010 tribute to whitney houston and compare that instead of picking a clip where she is clearly emtoional and on the verge of tears.


I definitely agree that Jennifer sang it in a different key from Whitney. However J-Hud sang it live as oppose to Amber who sang it in a studio where it could be perfected with retakes and all the other bells and whistles.


Laura, you hit it on the nose. Although Jennifer did a wonderful rendition. Whitney's " I will love you" will live on in Amber's heart forever. That was beautiful, Amber Riley! Dolly was good, then Whitney came along and owned that song. Now Whitney has passed the torch to Amber. MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!!


Although Jennifer Hudson's version is good, Amber's version is better because it is in the key that Whitney sang it in. Jennifer sang it in a lower key, so it doesn't sound as good. They were both great though!