Jason Alexander Responds to Mitt Romney's George Constanza Name-Dropping

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If you're running for national office, lovable Seinfeld loser George Costanza may not be a figure you should readily and enthusiastically equate yourself to.

But Mitt Romney did, and now Jason Alexander is commenting on it.

In his opening remarks at the Arizona Republican debate Wednesday, Mitt said, "I want to restore America's promise, and I'm going to do that."

Before he could continue, the crowd began applauding, so the candidate quipped, "As George Costanza would say, 'when they're applauding, stop.'"

Romney and Alexander

Jason Alexander, who played Costanza on the long-running series, used it as an opening to poke some fun at Romney and his penchant for changing positions.

He tweets, "Thrilled that Gov. Romney enjoys my old character. I enjoyed the character he used 2 b 2. If he'd embrace that again, he'd b a great candidate."

Ohhhh, snap.

Just FYI, the actual quote was spoken from Jerry Seinfeld, speaking to George about how to end a conversation, though Constanza famously followed the advice.

Seinfeld says, "When you hit that high note, you say goodnight and walk off." Still, for the purposes of Romney's use, he was close enough this time.


No matter what your stance is, calling the POTUS a "monkey" is HIGHLY offensive and ignorant!


Wow... referring to the president of the United States as "that monkey" Way to represent the GOP!!! Flat out racism. I would like to hope not all republicans are as racist as you.


You go get 'em sneaker! I bet your career is way more impressive than jason Alexander's! Nice work on calling the president a monkey too. You are a true patriot to hurl racial epitaphs at the leader of our country. Also, thanks for mentioning Reagan. Republicans hardly ever bring him up even though he was president only 14 years ago and left no lasting legacy other than somehow taking credit for the soviet union collapsing on itself. Reagan lives!


Jason: Your comment is no surprise. There's this predictable Hollywood mantra out there aimed at the GOP. Oh, Jason---Romney doesn't "flip-flop"..no, no, no, he EVOLVES like Obama's campaign chief described it after Barack flipped on Super Packs, gay marriage--to name a few. It's only fair then that Romney can EVOLVE just like that monkey in the WH! Just remember, guys, Ronnie Reagan...and Arnold were GOP, too! And by the way, Mr. Alexander...how's that career going???? Yeah, pretty lame, ain't it! Oh well, cheer up, maybe the Govenor can give you a position after Nov. '12...and you can be a bonafide bureaucrat---at least it's a paycheck.

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