Jason Alexander Responds to Mitt Romney's George Constanza Name-Dropping

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If you're running for national office, lovable Seinfeld loser George Costanza may not be a figure you should readily and enthusiastically equate yourself to.

But Mitt Romney did, and now Jason Alexander is commenting on it.

In his opening remarks at the Arizona Republican debate Wednesday, Mitt said, "I want to restore America's promise, and I'm going to do that."

Before he could continue, the crowd began applauding, so the candidate quipped, "As George Costanza would say, 'when they're applauding, stop.'"

Romney and Alexander

Jason Alexander, who played Costanza on the long-running series, used it as an opening to poke some fun at Romney and his penchant for changing positions.

He tweets, "Thrilled that Gov. Romney enjoys my old character. I enjoyed the character he used 2 b 2. If he'd embrace that again, he'd b a great candidate."

Ohhhh, snap.

Just FYI, the actual quote was spoken from Jerry Seinfeld, speaking to George about how to end a conversation, though Constanza famously followed the advice.

Seinfeld says, "When you hit that high note, you say goodnight and walk off." Still, for the purposes of Romney's use, he was close enough this time.

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Hey Romney, the jerkstore called, they're running out of you!


@ Michael...the radical toadies are out in full force today! Guess it shows this IS an election year, ha! Same ole racist charges against the GOP. Yet Attorney General Eric Holder...has run his Justice Dept. as an avenging Civil Rights center. Got charges dropped against Black Panthers that intimidated white voters with weapons going to the polls to vote in '08. If whites would have done that? It would have resulted in a high profile court trial. Holder is fighting South Carolina's voter I.D. legislation though two other states have the same type and the Supreme Court has said it's perfectly legal. The liberal racism charge just ain't gonna stick!!!!!


@CynicallyDepressed---The word EVOLVE...was started by Obama's campaign general in his lame attempt to cover the Prez's booty after he made flip-flops--and big ones at that! The official argument was, "The President's stance is EVOLVING!" (The new Democrat term for flip-flop!) Hahahahahah...yeah right! It's certainly NOT a GOP term, so I'm afraid you'll have to wear it C.D---you and your fellow "lib-turds"....your folks threw it out to cover their man! Fact! Something tells me YOU'RE in the welfare line picking up those food stamps and welfare check--thus, I'm sure you would be an Obama supporter--he's your ticket to Nanny Land--so your political leaning makes sense. By the way, flippin' burgers would be a career advancement for you if ya didn't lack the pride to hold a real job! Just remember: Anyone can comment on a rag like this...even a loser like you!


Hahahaha...Oh Jesus! Why do I get the feeling somebody's hiding behind a multitude of users! The term "monkey" is used in many ways...NOT just racial! That's how stupid you are in your lame attempt to make a false point! A monkey is also an idiot that's deemed absolutely silly in their actions! So, you lose on your attempt to label something I'm obviously NOT! Fact: Reagan has gotten a lot of mention lately--much praise as well, Sneakerbeanrulz! So,what planet do you reside on?? The accusation of "racism" is nothing new with you radical liberals. It doesn't stick here despite your comments! Some of the above comments merely show the internet liberal toadies are out in full force to goal tend on the political commentary offered by conservatives. And it's common knowledge some actually get paid to do this! Geez!


Hey Guys, cut the Sneakerbean some slack. He's got to be a comedian, no True Republican would ever use the word EVOLVE because that would imply evolution were possible. And as poor as Alexander's career is right now, he does still have followers on Twitter. SB's stellar career on the other hand gives him enough clout to post on gossip rag's comment boards. Don't worry, SB, someday you will get promoted from french fries to actually flipping burgers (like a good flip flopper). Maybe then you can move out of mommy's basement.


Simple Fact: To state that the use of the word monkey was not racist is ignorant. You are true to your party.


What's sad about politics is that anyone refers to someone else as a monkey at all.


No surprise, the GOP is the legacy of the south...remember, the ones who lost...the ones who cared more about a dollar than a man's life. There can be no separation, republicans are bigots by nature, it is their heritage. There are so many reasons why most of these people can also rightfully be called rednecks. If you are a republican and your annual household income is below $500k then you are simply a pawn. You don't have an agenda...an agenda has you.


The same applies to sneakerbeanrulz, obviously. But he/she obviously has no grasp of history I kind of ignored his/her post.


If I were to call Mitt Romney a "monkey," it would be interpreted as if I was calling him a fool. But to racist fools like Ed and Jess, they immediately associate "monkey" with "black man." How sad.

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