Grammy Awards Fashion Face-Off: Kate Beckinsale vs. Carrie Underwood

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For every outrageous Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj fashion clash, there's a more conventional Kate Beckinsale-Carrie Underwood showdown waiting to be voted upon.

Thank goodness for that.

No offense to Gaga or Nicki, but we thought both Kate and Carrie were among the couture champions on the red carpet at Sunday's Grammy Awards.

Then again, it's hard for either of them to look bad in anything. Case in point: The actress' short white dress and the singer's sparkly blue full-length gown.

Which of these talented beauties was the best dressed Sunday night? Vote for your favorite style star in THG's latest Grammy Awards Fashion Face-Off!

Fashion Face-Off!

Who looked better at the Grammys, Kate Beckinsale or Carrie Underwood? Vote for your favorite fashion star from last night's award show here! View Poll »


I think it's fair from a career snoadptint. There are few places she can be besides Nashville, maybe L.A. With this stupid expansion he can play pretty much anywhere. There may be a team in Rio soon, maybe Wales. (Partially kidding.) So like I said on Twitter, kind of refreshing that a dude will leave for his wife's job instead of just getting divorced like a normal celebrity. Thanks for the insight into his personality Shannon. I knew nothing about him.


Definitely Carrie, love her.


for katy perry look like a barbie

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