Grammy Awards Fashion Face-Off: Adele vs. Taylor Swift

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Adele definitely got the best of Taylor Swift - and the entire music world - winning six out of a possible six honors at the 2012 Grammy Awards in L.A. Sunday night.

Can she continue her unbeaten streak with a win in this style showdown? That remains to be seen, though the British songstress looked great on the red carpet.

Adele has won praise for the fact that - like Swift - she succeeds on talent and sets a good example for fans by not parading around in no pants. So to speak.

Which of these popular, talented singers' fashion statements from last night do you like better? Vote in THG's latest Grammy Awards Fashion Face-Off below!

Fashion Face-Off!

Who dressed best at the Grammys, Adele or Taylor Swift? Vote for your favorite style star in THG's latest Fashion Face-Off! View Poll »

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adele has a very boring sense of sytle and taylor you can see how pretty her dress was so floral and color full it was and she looked flawless in that dress so it is always taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Are you all for real? This is purely about fashion, not who is more talented or popular. (But for the record, Taylor has never stuck up her middle finger on a live award show or dissed skinny celebrities. Who's more classy now?) Adele has such a boring sense of style. It's always the same black dress, just different lengths. I have never seen her wear something patterned or even brightly colored. She doesn't take risks. I love Taylor's dress. Her picture has bad lighting, because you can see the contrast of color from her background and Adele's. Her dress is actually a prettier shade of gold than the image shows here. I vote for her!




Honestly people idolize Adele for the fact that she says she accepts her body and doesn't strive to be skinny, however has anyone noticed that Adele has been losing an insane amount of weight since her arrival into fame? I don't know about you, but it's kind of hypocritical. And i think Adele is a lovely singer, but there's no need to act like she's a god. Also Taylor Swift does in fact have talent if you bother to actually go to one of her concerts to hear her yourself. But you probably will continue to think she's a talentless teen icon because that is what everyone else thinks. Kudos to you guys for independent thought! Also, from an unbiased standpoint, i think Miss Swift's dress is absolutely gorgeous.


Taylor Swift-cant stand her! Adele is a class act


taylor sorry ,but Adele is a real class singer so back up swift u maybe pretty but you aint got TALANT!


Adele is fine, but I was really impressed with Taylor Swift and her evolving into a true artistic performer. Also, she looked lovely in that golden gown -- for the golden girl she is. Incidentally, I was not at all impressed with something that floored me about Adele, i.e. What is it with the chewinh gum? Ewww.. Very unclassy. Really surprised. Someone should have clued her. >>>>


i loooooooove your dress Adele. you are like a MOM TO ME, I look up to you keep doing what your doing. Adele,thank you i love your songs. my name is Anna-kaye Forbes from Jamaica and am your biggest fan. LOVE alwalys


Sorry Taylor, just like your singing, your outfit has been upstaged by real class and talent. Adele rocked the modest black dress (although I personally prefer her darker hair compared to this "Hollywood-ized" blond hue) and Taylor's skin tone gown combined with slicked back do make her age into the wicked stepmother look rather than the pop country diva.


Taylor swift no offense but i love adele and your dress was a little over done
but afele i love theat you are real like how u siad " I dont wn=ant to be a ~skinny minni~ "
Your so real and beautiful linsinde and out