Giuliana Rancic to Go Dancing With the Stars?

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Giuliana Rancic is on the top of Dancing With the Stars' wish list for this spring. Whether the ABC hit can actually land her is another story, for myriad reasons.

"Yes, I've been approached for the new season," Rancic confirms.

She certainly has the body for those sequined outfits, as well as a winning personality, fan base and inspiring story (cancer survivor). But is she interested?

Get Well Giuliana

"I've been a big fan of the show for years," she adds. "But sadly, my busy schedule at the moment would never allow for such a grueling rehearsal commitment."

"Who knows, maybe Bill and I can be on the show together in a future season and go toe-to-toe for the Mirror Ball trophy." Now that'd be worth watching.

We're not sure why she thinks she can't put in the time, though. She only co-hosts two E! shows, works every red carpet and stars on her own reality show.

Come on, girl. Make it happen.



She has had Breast Cancer you idiot.


This fool needs to eat a cheesburger!seriously does no one in her life relize this is not normal?!?! and she wonders why she cant get pregnant? this can't be healthy sooooo if you can't take care of your own body how could you possibly take care of another human being? I know alot of this shit comes from leaving and working in Hollywood, but that excuse is getting really old.

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