Gabriel Aubry: Dissed by Frightened Daughter

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This does NOT bode well for Gabriel Aubry.

Following that model's alleged shoving of his nanny, Aubry and Halle Berry continue to meet inside Los Angeles courtrooms in order to determine the former's custody over three-year daughter Nahla.

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According to TMZ sources, the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services is conducting an investigation into multiple claims against Aubry - all of which cite his temper, especially around his child - and actually interviewed Nahla as part of the process.

The tyke reportedly told DCFS representatives that, due to her dad's bouts of screaming, she has often been frightened around him.

Moreover, DCF has collected more stories about Aubry grabbing the girl out of her nanny’s hands; shoving the nanny while she held Nahla; and placing the child in harm’s way while Berry was filming a movie in Europe.

At the moment, Aubry can only be around Nahla in the presence of a court-appointed monitor. But expect plenty of more hearings to be scheduled regarding this matter, as Berry is even looking to move to France and custody arrangements will only grow more complicated from there.

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@Leo.... Ask Suri Cruise who is older than Nahla.

Wv peach

These two should have avoided each other like the plague at first sight. I find it terribly sad that this child is subjected to the meltdowns of these two nitwits. One look at Nahla's pained expression says it all. Shame on you Halle and Gabriel.


I completely understand your comment Leo, but then again the way these crazy photographers are and crazy people are out there, if I were famous I too would be carrying my child when they were around. Which is ofcourse the only way you will see this child. I just know they do crazy things to get a picture..and i'm sure they would go as far as grabbing her hand just to pull her close for a quick snap, you know most of them don't care about being sued as long as they get that photo.


Gabriel and Halle will settle this dysfunction between the courts and themselves. Another picture with Nahla being carried around!! I dare to ask the same question, is this child allowed to walk or will she be carried around until she's 12??

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