Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Player Trashes Show, Taylor Armstrong

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When it comes to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Cedric Martinez sort of knows what he's talking about. The Frenchman has appeared on the show as a house guest of Lisa Vanderpump.

And in a new email rant to Radar Online, Martinez says Bravo and Taylor Armstrong should be ashamed of themselves for the way they've exploited the suicide of Russell Armstrong.

Taylor Armstrong on Reunion Special

"The producers, Taylor, Lisa and Kyle once again used the power of a hit TV show to trash the memory of a dead man," Cedric says. “Russell was far from perfect. And physical abuse is always wrong. But the Russell-Taylor marriage was a helluva lot more complicated than the ‘broke abuser commits suicide’ narrative RHOBH has shoved down viewers’ throats."

Martinez goes on to refer to both Taylor and Russell as "fame whores" (while acknowledging he is one, as well), adding that Taylor's upcoming memoir, "Hiding From Reality," is nothing but a pathetic example of someone looking to prosper off a tragedy.

“Her insta-memoir will further bury Russell's memory with lies and half-truths, of which he can't defend himself against. Sad. Especially for Russell's children, Kennedy, Griffin and Aiden."

In the book, Taylor details ways in which Russell supposedly spied on her during their marriage.

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I can relate to Taylor, as far as the abuse is concerned...Sometimes people don't believe that your "man -or- husband has violent tendancies. You try to maintain "face" because people pity you, and look down on you IF you stay (love -or- not).
Kyle was right in saying "don't judge until you walk in her shoes." But, when you finally free yourself from the abuse, you then know no one else will EVER touch you in an abusive manner again. Admitting to the abuse [in itself] is empowering. Wooho for Taylor, tell your story that is what will finally free you from any misplacedd guilt you carry - Cedric Martinez is a louse and besides, who is he to point a finger, look at what he did the the Vanderhoof's - he's a feeder.


Unless you have been in an abusive relationship, you would never understand. What you see as lies are coverups and excuses to hold on to an unhealthy relationship. I was there 34 years ago do not accept abuse from anyone. Taylor your recovery depends on you and you alone. Do not allow trash like Brandi with an I stop your recoverly. May god bless you and yours.


Love the RHOBH-My favorite is Lisa,and I really like Taylor I think she should stay on the programe and show how she can grow up and be a real woman.Camille is someone I would like to know,she seems like she truly has her head on straight.Adrienne leaves me cold ,she is such a busy body.Kyle is such a nice person but she needs to back off and let Kim learn from her mistakes,and as for Brandi she is the one who should go she just wants to fight with everyone,she is really the angry one.==========Just one womans opinion


Just because Russell killed himself is no reason to take Taylor off the show. I'm sure she needs the money to support her daughter. If you don't like the show don't watch it. Cedric, do us all a favor and follow in Russell's footsteps. No one will miss you either. If Taylor is trashing him she has good reason. He was such a monster just like you. Lisa will not fall for your crap again. "I love you LIsa", don't get it any more. Lisa is way to smart for that. Taylor, take care of Kennedy and forget Cedric. That idiot has no right to critize anyone. Best of luck to you and Kennedy. I love you on the show.


I wouldn't trust this Cedric a bit.
And, I certainly strongly disagree with his comments on Lisa. He has such a huge axe to grind with her, he simply cannot be taken seriously at all on that count.
However, I do agree with anyone who writes that Taylor MUST GO! Am sick to death of her bawling, attention seeking and manipulative behavior. She was the same way season one and she ruined season 2.
I feel extremely sorry for Russell's children and his family. This book is a disgrace. She is so broke and attention starved and he won't be able to defend any of it. I really do hope the book tanks. She should get a 9-5 job, stop the drinking and take care of train-wreck self and her poor daughter. Won't tune in if she's on! Bravo cleaned up NY and got rid of Zarin-they should do the same thing with Taylor!


BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! LOVED IT CEDRIC!! After all, hearing a loser like you describe another loser is awesome!! Hey! It takes one to know one!!! ;) To hell with the both of you!!!!


Dump Taylor...wretched liar...


I do not think the Armstrong's should have been on TV this season. They should have paid her out for the season and not aired either of them. It's such a mess. With all the mixed messages from Taylor, it's a disservice to victims of dv. For victims of dv, I'm not discrediting what either went through, I just think it was handled horribly and in the wrong way. On a lighter note, I enjoy watching the lavish lifestyles of Adrienne, Lisa, and Camille. Camille has been strong about many things and we've seen growth. I adore Adrienne and Paul. Paul is probably the most rational of any wife or husband on the show.


For the past two seasons, Taylor/Shana or whatever her alias has been caught on tape not telling the truth or her version of it. Her actions and words are totally inconsistent and she has shown to be someone not to be believed. Why are we to believe her now? Taylor loves to play the victim card ovef and over againand it is getting to become a very bad recurring nightmare. She needs to go away and give the viewers a break, pleeze.


Camille is easily the slimiest worm I have ever seen. She doesn't have conversations, she formulates what her next words will be. I can see that the divorce from Grammer made her bitter, but she's taking it to new heights. As for Brandi, Lord a mercy make her go away. The woman is as predictable as a teenage flat back on Wilshire Blvd. She's trying waaay too hard. Go put some clothes on you trollop!

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