Family of Whitney Houston to Bobby Brown: Stay Away from Bobbi Kristina!

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The family of Whitney Houston is NOT a fan of Bobby Brown.

Following reports that his former in-laws are trying to bar him from his ex-wife's funeral this Saturday, sources now say Houston's loved ones are taking it a step further: They don't want Brown having contact with his daughter.

Peace, Bobby Brown

Specifically, Whitney's mother, Cissy, is attempting to block Bobby from getting too close to 18-year old Bobbi Kristina because she believes the singer is simply looking for a cut of Houston's estate/fortune, estimated to be over $20 million.

The bad blood between parties is nothing new, either, as many of Whitney's family members blame Brown for being a negative influence on both his ex-wife and his daughter, who has also reportedly struggled with drugs and alcohol.

Perhaps, though, if anything positive can come out of Whitney's death, it can serve as a wake up call for all involved and a reformed Brown and mend his and his child's relationship.

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Whitneys family needs to get a grip, she was a grown women, and Bobby Brown or no one else shoved tose drugs down her throat or up her nose. My heart goes out to her daughter, she not only lost her Mother she has to deal with these idiots fighting.I really don't think Bobby Brown did drugs with his daughter, Whitney did. END OF STORY.


May God Bless his child Whitney. We will forever love you. This terrible thing isn't Bobby's fault. We all have choices in life what we do is on us. We should pray for there daughter to get a better relationship with her dad. Who are we to question God he has called her home, Whitney's work on earth is done lets stop and talk about her in her good times not her faults. If our closets were opened and put on display we would all be shamed. My prayers are with family another black strong leader, diva gone to soon.


I blame Bobby Brown for Whitney's death.


Where was her family during all this? Why didn't they try and stop her from killing herself. Bobbi Kristina is an adult and if she wants to see her father that is her business. The gold diggers to me look like it is "her' family. The girl needs her the parent she has left.Yes Bobby made mistakes and looks like he is making up for that and taking care of HIS child. Maybe if Mrs Houston did the same she would not be preparing to bury her child.


My heart goes out to whitneys family and especially her daughter whitney was a great singer and performer until she got with bobby bobby never meant her any good. I don't blame the family for doing what they're doing if they think he's a negative influence on bobby christina then keep him away. Bobby dosent mean anybody anygood not even his own daughter.


Sorry but this is straight BS. If they cared more about BK than their own pride they would see that she needs her dad there with her, her surviving parent ya know? They shouldn't have this control, he was married to her. And if she wanted to provide for him then I'm sure she did and if she didn't then she didn't. It's not like he can worm his way in some other way, his kid is 18. Whitney wasn't a naive innocent!


I do believe that his (Bobby Brown) negative influence has gotten the family to where they are today. Struggling with drugs and alcohol that is, until he get his self to transition into a better person, I as a mother totally agree with his involvement with Bobbi Kristina. Right now Bobby Brown needs to recognize his negative involvement and abuse in his relationship with Whitney and the out come of it all. He should seek professional help before he can help his daughter. She needs positive influence around her to help her be strong..


This is crazy, trying to keep the man from his child!.On the reality show he showed to be a normal guy who was loved by his fans and friends and Whitney seamed to be the dis functional diva!


You two are both naive little girls.


Bobbie Brown moved on and got a life for himself..Whitney stayed into the drugs..Good for you Bobbie being a father to a troubled girl who reportedly did drugs with her mom can't be easy..the family never stepped in before..why now and she doesn't have any money to golddig move on people be a christian.. he who is without sin cast the first stone...