Family of Whitney Houston to Bobby Brown: Stay Away from Bobbi Kristina!

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The family of Whitney Houston is NOT a fan of Bobby Brown.

Following reports that his former in-laws are trying to bar him from his ex-wife's funeral this Saturday, sources now say Houston's loved ones are taking it a step further: They don't want Brown having contact with his daughter.

Peace, Bobby Brown

Specifically, Whitney's mother, Cissy, is attempting to block Bobby from getting too close to 18-year old Bobbi Kristina because she believes the singer is simply looking for a cut of Houston's estate/fortune, estimated to be over $20 million.

The bad blood between parties is nothing new, either, as many of Whitney's family members blame Brown for being a negative influence on both his ex-wife and his daughter, who has also reportedly struggled with drugs and alcohol.

Perhaps, though, if anything positive can come out of Whitney's death, it can serve as a wake up call for all involved and a reformed Brown and mend his and his child's relationship.

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Whitney was using drugs before she met Bobby confirm Jennifer Hudson and close friend of Whitney.She love bobby and bobby love her
Whitney would want bobby to be at her funeral and with her father. Whitney was broke and Clive Davis payed her bills and paying for the funeral
It is so sad that people are blaming others for Whitney death
It was God choice and it was time for his angel to come home and they need to let Whitney RIP because we all.are going to answer to God for our right and wrong
I love you Babygirl and now your at home and at peace


Let the daughter make her mind up if she wants her father in her life. Sounds like the family wants the money


Sean - "This is crazy, trying to keep the man from his child!.On the reality show he showed to be a normal guy who was loved by his fans and friends and Whitney seamed to be the dis functional diva!" You're insane! Well before the reality show, well before Whitney married this cad, SHE was the normal one and he was the hard-living thug. You can find all that historical information online. I suggest you study it.


Sounds like her family has motives all their own. People who put the blame on someone for anothers actions are delerious. They have been divorced since 2007!!! It's now 2012 and watching the videos on this, looks like they were still friends after the divorce so the mother needs to back off. I think the decision of Bobby being there should be in the hands of her daughter. If she wants her father there, then there should be no problem. Nobody knows yet what happend to this woman and jumping to conclusions saying a man killed her when he was far away is just plain disturbing. She was no innocent person who had anything shoved down her throat. I believe everyone is responsable for themselves when it comes to doing drugs or drinking. You have that choice not to do it.


I understand, but the girl is 18. His contact with her, unfortunately, will be her choice, but if he loved her, he'd take a long drive off a short cliff leaving her safe to lead her life without him. Praying for the girl.


No matter what he has done, he is still her father and he needs to be there for her, if that is what she wants.
I have daughter who rarely saw her father while growing up, but if something would happen to me I would want him there if she wanted him with her. It is up to the daughter not the family....


Family drama ALWAYS takes place when a death happens. TRUST me i know. Whitney may you rest in piece. But the estate and whatever should be to the daughter. none of the other family. Whitney had her career to take care of her daughter and it should still take care of her daughter. the dad is all up to the daughter either she wants a relationship or not. its her decision not the rest of the families. so they should just pay their respects, grieve, cry and send their condolences and prayers and that should be it. they should not have any say as to what should happen to Whitney's estate. although her wishes should be in her Will.


This is so crazy I don't care what anyone has to say except God " let ye with no sin cast the first stone" everyone has a time to die it is already planned even before you are born so whether Whitney did drugs or not she was going to die the day she did. Bobby Brown or anyone else has no power over that so get a grip people and let her rest in peace....


I agree with Whitney family all the way screw Bobby Brown


Regardless of what kind of father he was..and what he was into...he may have had reasons for doing it....he is her father...and with the sudden, unexpected death of her mother..she is going to need him and he may need the family should not stop him from seeing her ot vice versa....

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