Family of Whitney Houston to Bobby Brown: Stay Away from Bobbi Kristina!

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The family of Whitney Houston is NOT a fan of Bobby Brown.

Following reports that his former in-laws are trying to bar him from his ex-wife's funeral this Saturday, sources now say Houston's loved ones are taking it a step further: They don't want Brown having contact with his daughter.

Peace, Bobby Brown

Specifically, Whitney's mother, Cissy, is attempting to block Bobby from getting too close to 18-year old Bobbi Kristina because she believes the singer is simply looking for a cut of Houston's estate/fortune, estimated to be over $20 million.

The bad blood between parties is nothing new, either, as many of Whitney's family members blame Brown for being a negative influence on both his ex-wife and his daughter, who has also reportedly struggled with drugs and alcohol.

Perhaps, though, if anything positive can come out of Whitney's death, it can serve as a wake up call for all involved and a reformed Brown and mend his and his child's relationship.

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Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown are human. They apparently loved each other. We all have our struggles. The thing is as adults we have choices to do or do not. I loved me some Bobby Brown. He is a great entertainer and also made changes in the music world. I love Whitney Houston regardless she was vwery talented with a beautiful voice. But, we will never know what she was going through. Drug and alcohol addiction is a disease and its like any disease-hard to cure. One thing I will say is Bobby loved him some Whitney and the real news is that he is invited. Whitney song at his mom funeral so why would he not be at his ex-wife funeral. This ordeal should teach us to love our enemies and not be hateful and judgemental to those we don't like. We may not like them but when they are gone -you will wish you made your piece. Look at the good in these two individuals they are human beings like you and me.


Keep that s.o.b. brown away from the funeral.


Wow. This whole thing is sad as hell. Whitney is gone. Everyone is blaming Bobby B. Bobbie-Kristina is on suicide watch. What the hell. I have been a fan forever. Whitney was grown, she made some mistakes that cost her her life. Don't blame Bobby, Whitney continued to do what Whitney wanted to do. Ms. Bobbi-Kristina, I pray that this is a wake up call for you, younglady. The family - wow... Let those who loved Whitney mourn her. Who gives a shit about the money. You can't take it with you. Prayfully this is a lesson to everyone. God evidently wanted her more than we did. Let her rest in peace. RIP Ms. Whitney Houston.


I am deeply saddened that Whitney Houston is dead. I don't understand why everyone is blaming Bobby Brown for her death. She was struggling with drug abuse since the early 80's. Yes he may have been an influence while they were together, but everyone is responsible for their own mistakes. And its sad that she's dead and has left her beautiful daughter behind, I just think everbody should stop pointing fingers at Bobby Brown. I really don't mean this with no disrespect at all and I hope no one gets offended. Bobbie Kristina really loves her dad it would be nice if people would stop the negative feed back from both her parents. God bless you all .


People are so rude and hypocrites about Whitney. They attack her as a drug addict and say she should have saved herself but they forget to say maybe she was not strong enough for that. This scumbag of BB destroyed her, and she could not find the way out like millions of other abused women. People should love her more, her family, friends, fans could do more to save her, journos could bash her less, we all should count divine notes she sang instead of talking about her mistakes. The world is so injust, this lowlife and piece of garbage bobby killed and humiliated that adorable woman and nobody wanted to do enough to protect her.


I agree with everything Angela has to say. There are too many assumptions posted here (and too much heresay). It's unhelpful to diss people and point fingers after someone has died. Unless one was completely involved with their union, we only know what others have reported on it. I do not believe Clive Davies did well by her towards the end. She was wheeled out looking dreadful and disorientated when less than ready to make several humiliating public performances. Whitney Houston was no angel but it looks as though she was badly let down by quite a few people. But the real victim in all this is their daughter. I hope she will now be looked after as well as the Jackson children have been after the death of Michael. She is on her own and needs extra attention.


Everyone is blaming Bobby Brown for Whitney being on drugs but Whitney was using drugs before she even met Bobby. Two toxic people fell in love got married and had a daughter. We are all responsible for our own lives and make our own decisions. Everyone knows what drigs can do to your health we see it everyday in television and even on the streets. She should have been living for her daughter Bobby had moved on and also it was a while before Whitney's voice suffered. My heart goes out to anyone who suffers the lost of a family member. But they have to be honest with themselves about who she really was and not blame it on Bobby Brown.


I am impressed...someone is FINALLY standing up to that no-good PUNK-ASS lowlife thug Bobby Brown!!! And, Whitney's family trying to get Bobby's sorry ass banned from Whitney's funeral this Saturday is a good start and also a DEFINITE step in the RIGHT direction!!! Yippee!!! From what I've heard over the years, Whitney's mom Miss Cissy NEVER liked having Bobby in her family when he was married to Whitney. At all!!! As far as I'm concerned, Whitney's decline began the moment she first met Bobby all those years ago. And, her decline got EVEN WORSE right after she married Bobby!!! Most of all, I think that Whitney is no longer in pain and is now at rest. Whitney, you will ALWAYS be an ANGEL!!!!! Amen.


That should be between Bobby and his daughter no one else. No matter what people may think Whitney was married to Bobby.


Years ago, Whitney was in and out of courts with Bobby behind his own criminal behavior. I do Not for 1 minute believe that The Houston Family wanted Whitney to be sitting inside of courtrooms beside him being supportive, but Whitney did it. When Bravo introduced Being Bobby Brown, it was a show that I could only digest in small doses because I could Not believe that Whitney would allow herself to be televised in such a disarray and dysfunctional atmosphere. Bobbie Kristina seem like the Normal one in that family. Now that Bobby is divorced from Whitney, I can understand him Not being treated like a part of the family. I do remember Whitney giving an interview to Oprah that her mother did an intervention with the local authorities to get Whitney away from Bobby and the madness. In Whitney's own words, she said that her mother told Bobby that she was Not going to lose her daughter. Now,
just a few years later, I do Not believe that Mr. (Cissy) Houston's
heart has melted about Bobby!!