Family of Whitney Houston to Bobby Brown: Stay Away from Bobbi Kristina!

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The family of Whitney Houston is NOT a fan of Bobby Brown.

Following reports that his former in-laws are trying to bar him from his ex-wife's funeral this Saturday, sources now say Houston's loved ones are taking it a step further: They don't want Brown having contact with his daughter.

Peace, Bobby Brown

Specifically, Whitney's mother, Cissy, is attempting to block Bobby from getting too close to 18-year old Bobbi Kristina because she believes the singer is simply looking for a cut of Houston's estate/fortune, estimated to be over $20 million.

The bad blood between parties is nothing new, either, as many of Whitney's family members blame Brown for being a negative influence on both his ex-wife and his daughter, who has also reportedly struggled with drugs and alcohol.

Perhaps, though, if anything positive can come out of Whitney's death, it can serve as a wake up call for all involved and a reformed Brown and mend his and his child's relationship.

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i dont blame the family of whitney boby brown is a jerk, if he cared fore whitney he would not have did drugs with her he didn, give a dam aboue whitney if he did drug with whitney he will do drugs with his daughtor. now he want to write a book i sure hope he writr about the drugs he did with her. how she is dead and his ass don move on whth his life. hell with bobby brown, i agree with whitney,s family somebody has to protect bobbi k. we love you whitney. RIP


is any of this going to bring whitney back?


Whitney's spirit is floating around somewhere sayin LEAVE BOBBY ALONE!!! HE IS HER FATHER.BOBBI Kristina you are 18 no one can keep you from your father.iI will pray for you & your family.


(contd) so let's not be hypocrites! We are all guilty for allowing Whitney to have such void in her life that she found comfort in people/things that ultimately destroyed her due to her deep-seated insecurities about her personhood. We should not have enabled her by ignoring/condoning/conforming her behavior because of her celebrity as we have done with many before her. Let's all do better to love as Jesus instructed us, to include chastisement; and humbly submit to HIM as final judge of us all.


Judge not lest ye be judged.Whitney turned her back on everything and everybody (family, friends, career) when she chose Bobby for all those years. Most marriages fail; and surely neither Bobby nor Whitney is the first, and sadly, not the last drug abuser/addict.Her early demise saddens us all, even the world; but


this is to semperfedlis, you are an obvious idiot no one person has that much control over anyone and you have let the military mess your brain up if that is the case your parents should have taught you better than to think that any one person has that much power over you!!! try jesus he will show you who you should give the power too and you may be saved! i am praying for you.


This a time for prayer.Let Ms.Houston take her rest in peace because what ever was done on this earth she can only be jugded by God in heaven.I pray for Mr.Brown and the heartache he's going through right now but most of all for Bobbie K . losing a mother is hard to cope with and she will truely need to see a little love between her dad and controling grandmom because you can see rebeling is the next pharse of this situation.Please pray together and for one another.


They should not have allowed that low-life, parasite devil anywhere near there. He's a narcissistic, selfish egomaniac, as most rappers are.


These last several posts are obviously from the same person, using several different user names, who likes Bobby Brown. Give it up dude, it's WAAAY too obvious what you are doing!


Bobby brown is not the blame he loves his daughter so to try and keep them apart is wrong. This is a christian family they have to put the word forgive in their vocabulary god forgives us everyday I don't understand how people could treat this man the way they are doing him and whitney was in love with each other 15 years of marriage is a long time whitneys parents blame him because they never wanted to face the real truth. She was already on drugs before bobby came along. If its true they are trying to keep him from his daughter she is 18 years old and she dosent have to accept that. I absolutely love whitney houston and cried my eyes out when I heard the news but she is dead now and not coming back so let's leave bobby alone