Emily Maynard on Being The Bachelorette: Terrifying!

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While The Bachelor spoilers this season have people buzzing as always, there's no need to spoil this one: ABC has confirmed Emily Maynard as its Bachelorette.

"It really hasn't hit me, what I signed on to do," she says. "I'm scared to death."

Last June when Maynard and The Bachelor's Brad Womack ended their engagement, she swore she "had no intentions of ever being the next Bachelorette."

Emily Maynard Hugs Brad

"I genuinely meant that," the 25-year-old explains, admitting that given her reversal,. "I feel like the biggest hypocrite because I said that and now I'm doing it."

What changed her mind? Believing in the process, even if she and Brad split.

"I know it can work," Emily Maynard says. "I fell in love the first time and no, we didn't get married, but in the end just falling in love, for me, is a success."

The show will film in Charlotte, N.C., where Maynard is raising daughter Ricki, 6, as well as in other locations - where it sounds like Ricki will go as well.

"She's not going to be involved in a lot of filming and certainly not meeting the guys," Emily says. "But she's excited to go on vacation with Mommy."

While many find it hard to believe that the blonde beauty would have trouble finding a date, Maynard says dating for single moms can be a challenge.

"My schedule is very different than a normal single guy's," she says. "I have to take things slowly because I have a daughter, so that makes it hard."

Production on The Bachelorette, which will air this summer, stars next month.


Emily, you are beautiful! Just remember though that the most beautiful woman (or man) can lose her beauty if she acts ugly...not that I think you will, but maintain your values and you don't have to USE the "fantasy suite" in the way that others have. I am rooting for you and HOPE with all my heart that you find a great man for yourself and Ricky. I am also counting on you to bring Love and CLASS to "The Bachelorette". Show them how it's done!


Emily -- wish you the best and hope you find someone with character and ambition. Pls don't use the fantasy sweet,who would want a used runner???


Emily, GO FOR IT! You're going to be awesome and the guys are going to be tripping over themselves trying to win your sweet heart. You shine.... don't let LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSERS like Marcia dampen your spirit or journey. FUCK HER.


RUDE MARCIA, who are you to judge?! Hater, your life is obviously devoid of things 'needing to be done'. Stop searching for others' weak points and start fixing your own. P.S. GET A LIFE


Emily, I am so happy for you. I can't wait to watch your series. I completely empathize with you when you stated that "falling in love for you was a SUCCESS" People may not understand that when someone you loved, really loved, is taken from you suddenly, you don't automatically recover in the time that they think you should. I am with you. If by chance you do find someone you feel meets your requirements and you can honestly love, take a deep PRAYERFUL breath and go for it. If it doesn't work out with you getting married eventually to each other, don't feel bad. You stepped out on faith that it would work. Just be careful, as you have shown yourself to be. Much love and much success.


Emily I can't stand you. You deserve to get the same treatment you gave to your last guy. Wake up woman you aren't even pretty. Just a damned bimbo wanting to get her puss on the internet.

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