Ellen DeGeneres Responds to JC Penney Protest, Lists Her Traditional Values

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Ellen DeGeneres was recently named a spokesperson for JC Penney.

Once this news broke, a conservative organization known as One Million Moms quickly launched an offensive to get the comedian fired from the gig. Bill O'Reilly addressed this topic on Fox News last night, taking the side that anyone is free to simply not shop at JC Penney... but to lobby for Ellen's ousting is un-American and wrong.

DeGeneres also touched on the scandal during her talk show monologue, keeping it short, but relying on two points:

  1. A number of comments left on the One Million Moms' own Facebook page are in support of JC Penney and express their authors' intention to shop there even more now.
  2. Have a problem with Ellen's "traditional values," as the group claims citizens should? Here they are: Honesty. Quality. Kindness. Compassion.

Vote now: Do you think Ellen should be fired from this role?


I love Ellen & will gladly shop @ JC Penney more now. Ellen's kindness IS a family value. The hate that One Million (probably more like 15 or so) Moms espouses is NOT a family value. I'm so over these right eing hate


These people are nuts.Ellen loves everyone for who they
Jc penney is right for keeping her. And yes I am christan "straight' mom . I love her


HELL NO she shouldn't get fired, just because some closed-minded mothers think her being openly gay is wrong.....GOOD for ellen for standing up for herself and other openly gay people. alisa neely


Good for JCP...sorry to the OMM...I doubt there is a million of you that object....but I'm sure there's tons more moms that do not object. Go find a REAL cause, but this is just not one of them. As a mom, I adore Ellen and her compassion...I doubt she would EVER try to get someone fired from their job....what is the matter with you!!!!!!


Ellen Degeneres is one of the most compassionate, loving people on this planet. She makes you laugh she makes you cry. Ellen helps and reaches out to so many people, My daughter and I watch her together every day when she comes for lunch. I cherish the time together. What that group is trying to do is bullying and hate. If more people in this world were like ELLEN DEGENERES, WHO LOVES ALL PEOPLE and is so caring and giving, THE WORLD WOULD BE A BETTER PLACE. Yes I am a Christian and I love her.


I love Ellen DeGeneres, but that's not why I shop at JCP. The clothing is beautiful. Ellen is a beautiful and funny woman. It only makes sense to hire someone with that much personality. These women are only creating hate and are setting a bad example for their children.


It's not "quality". It's "equality".


Ellen is wonderful!! The world needs more caring, kind-hearted, precious people like her. Love you Ellen!!


She does all good. To even suggest that she gets dropped is a form of bullying. I'm never going to be homosexual but i sure can look past it and see her for the good person she is. Seems to me like those freak moms need to take a page from her book.

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