Egypt Soccer Riot Kills at Least 79 People

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An Egyptian soccer match between two longtime rivals descended into a violent melee yesterday as fans supporting the winning side rushed the field at the end.

They attacked players and fans in clashes that reportedly killed at least 79 people.

The clashes broke out in the town of Port Said after that city's team won a rare victory over the visiting Ahly, a powerhouse club from Cairo, by the score of 3-1.

Port Said "fans" swarmed the field immediately after the game, as Ahly players and fans ran for cover beneath the stadium and into locker rooms amid chaos:

The fighting quickly took on broad political overtones as The Muslim Brotherhood, which controls nearly half of the nation's parliament, blamed thugs connected to ex-President Hosni Mubarak who are plotting to destabilize the country.




It's not just soccer. It's sports in general. We pretend that ca little competitio­n is a good thing while out of control competitio­n leads to violence. But to me, that's like saying that a little drug use is OK, maybe smoking crank, as long as you don't inject heroin into your eyeballs. It's a bad continuum. Here's what I think about competitio­n: http://dai­sybrain.wo­­m/2010/02/­22/against­-competiti­on/


Egypt Soccer Riot Killed More than 70 People - Egypt Soccer Riot 2012 fight and Violence Videos and Photos

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